My aunt downstairs was pregnant with three children unexpectedly, but the dog blood plot of the TV play was very funny

We often see such a plot in TV dramas. Some women have a pregnancy reaction, but when they go to the hospital for examination, they find that they are not pregnant, so they make trouble with the overbearing president in TV dramas. We think such a plot will only appear in TV dramas, but we don’t expect that it will really happen to us.

because as like as two peas, it can be used in many places, and it is exactly the same as when it is pregnant, except that in medicine, he has no pregnancy reaction, so many mothers will mistake themselves for pregnancy. < / P > < p > the aunt downstairs had such a reaction. At that time, she was 37 years old. Many neighbors thought that she would be pregnant with three children, but there was no such reaction when she went to the hospital for examination. This made her family panic. After all, being pregnant with three children was a kind of over birth. She not only had to be fined, but also could not afford to raise the child. < / P > < p > the first reaction is drowsiness. For some reason, women’s progesterone increases, which will make women particularly sleepy. At this time, women will especially want to sleep. This process will make people feel that they are actually a drowsiness reaction caused by pregnancy, rather than the increase of progesterone.

vomiting and vomiting as like as two peas, which cause some special upset stomach, which is very easy to regurgitation. This time the process of nausea and the vomiting reaction during pregnancy are exactly the same, which makes many mothers unable to distinguish it from the others. < / P > < p > when we have these two physiological reactions, we will give ourselves a psychological hint to tell ourselves that we are pregnant, and then everything will be natural. < / P > < p > · because of our physiology and our psychological hints, we will have more reactions during pregnancy, which our body does not have. But because of the psychological effects and our psychological hints, our body will have these reactions, so it will be more and more like pregnancy. < / P > < p > · in addition, many pregnant mothers especially want to be pregnant, so their psychological reactions will directly aggravate, and they will feel that I must be pregnant. These reactions tell me that I am pregnant, and they will especially expect this process in their hearts. Because of this expectation in their hearts, their bodies will not break the balance and tell them that they are not pregnant Pregnancy, even in this process, women’s menstruation will be delayed according to the psychological role.

is precisely because as like as two peas, both of them are all alike in their physiological and psychological functions. They are all the same in pregnancy. They are vomiting, drowsiness, and menstrual period. This is the reaction of pregnancy. < p > < p > many times, you have to be prepared for the psychological collapse. Many pregnant mothers are especially looking forward to the arrival of their baby, so they also have great expectations for false pregnancy. It is precisely because they are not well prepared for these psychological preparations that they are particularly uncomfortable in the face of this matter. They are prepared for this kind of psychological preparation before pregnancy, so that when we have psychological preparation, we will not be so sad and happy in the face of this matter I don’t feel like I can’t support it. < / P > < p > at any time, we should maintain a very good attitude and mood to face the result. If our attitude is not good, no matter what the result is, it will affect us and the later pregnancy preparation of these pregnant mothers. Therefore, we should have a good mood at any time. When we find ourselves in a bad mood, we should think about some happy things and go to bed Do some happy things, don’t put yourself in a bad mood. It’s no good to trap yourself in this way. < / P > < p > false pregnancy or unsuccessful pregnancy are actually due to too much pressure from these mothers themselves, which will make them breathless. Our spirit has a certain impact on our body. When these high-pressure spirits affect our body, we can’t prepare for pregnancy normally. All the efforts made before are in vain Therefore, we must adjust our pressure in this process, and do not let this pressure become too big to become our own resistance. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers make mistakes in the process of pregnancy preparation because they avoid practicing medicine in the process. They always feel that they don’t believe what the doctor says. In fact, when we find that we just have signs of pregnancy, we should go directly to the hospital for examination, so that we can know whether it is a real pregnancy or a fake pregnancy. If it is a fake pregnancy, we should pay attention to it According to these requirements provided by the doctor to cooperate with active pregnancy preparation, so as to form a relatively good cycle, not to let oneself fall into a dead cycle. < / P > < p > many women are in a state of long-term pregnancy preparation, and they have experienced failures again and again in this process, so they are particularly happy and believe it to be true when they have a false pregnancy. Then they find that this is a false pregnancy in this process, and this is a failed pregnancy preparation, so don’t doubt themselves, doubt that they can’t, doubt that they can’t Doctor Sheng, if we don’t make a final decision, we should not make a final decision for ourselves, because many times it is because of our mood that our body can’t ovulate normally and can’t carry out the whole pregnancy process. < / P > < p > there have been a lot of such false pregnancies, but most of them will appear on the mothers who are more urgent to prepare for pregnancy. They can understand their mood, but also hope that they can ease their mood and not be trapped in such a dilemma. < / P > < p > I don’t know how many people have been harmed by these uproar, but we should go to the hospital for consultation, because the doctor’s diagnosis is the most correct. 08/16/2020