“My mother said, you have to prove that you can be pregnant before I can marry you.” “live with your mother.”

Why do people want to get married? In fact, to put it bluntly, marriage is just for the sake of inheriting one’s family. We are persistent in finding a love person to marry, because marriage is a lifetime thing, only with the love of people together, it is not so painful. < p > < p > in order to have a successor in their own family, the older generation will pay special attention to this issue when selecting their future daughter-in-law, and even try it out before marriage. It’s a tradition for thousands of years, but if we take it as the standard of marriage, it will be a kind of shackle and harm to women. < / P > < p > who doesn’t want to have children and children? However, it is not a woman’s own business to have children. It would be biased to put all the responsibility on women. The older generation has not kept up with the pace of the times, so they can understand this idea. However, some young people have been instilled with this idea by their elders, thus harming their loved ones. Su Yikai is 33 years old and has a girlfriend named Zhang Sihan who has been dating for two years. Although Zhang Sihan is three years older than Su Yikai, this does not prevent them from falling in love, and their feelings have been very good. < p > < p > without knowing Zhang Sihan’s age, Su’s mother was very warm to her. As soon as she met, she took her hand and asked her to eat at home. < p > < p > but the first time I visited, the situation was not as good as expected. Su’s mother called all the relatives in the family. They asked Zhang Sihan about their age. < p > < p > because Zhang Sihan has a baby face and looks much smaller than Su Yikai, everyone thinks that she is only in her twenties. When she says that she is in her thirties and is three years older than Su Yikai, Su’s mother’s face changes. < p > < p > after a brief quiet, everyone began to boast that Sihan was well maintained and did not mention the matter of age. However, Zhang Sihan knows very well that Su Yikai’s family is not satisfied with her age. < / P > < p > after a meal, Su Mu didn’t talk to her very much. As soon as the meal was over, she asked some relatives to go shopping, and didn’t pay any attention to Zhang Sihan. < p > < p > Su Yikai chats with his uncle and uncle all the time. He doesn’t notice Zhang Sihan’s situation at all. He doesn’t realize that Zhang Sihan is sitting alone on the sofa. < p > < p > Zhang Sihan told Su Yikai that Su’s mother cared about her age, but Su Yikai didn’t take it seriously and blamed her for thinking too much. Zhang Sihan didn’t persist any more and left Su Yikai’s home with a casual excuse. < p > < p > Su Yikai mistakenly thinks that her mother thinks that their intercourse time is too short, so she is not in a hurry to get married. In his opinion, if his mother didn’t stop them from falling in love, she recognized Zhang Sihan, but he didn’t know that Su’s mother had other plans in mind. Soon, they forget the unhappiness of their first meeting and continue to socialize sweetly. On the 36th birthday of Zhang Sihan, Su Yikai proposed to Zhang Sihan. < p > < p > < p > Su Yikai, who successfully proposed marriage, was extremely happy. He couldn’t wait to go home and tell his parents. Su’s father had no opinion, but Su’s mother was very unhappy. < p > < p > Su Yikai was about to explain. Su’s mother immediately said, “I haven’t been pregnant for such a long time. Is there a problem? I tell you, if you want to get married, let her prove that she can get pregnant in a hurry. If she finds that she can’t give birth to children after she gets married, then our family is not in a big loss! ” < p > < p > Su Yikai didn’t expect that Su’s mother would have this idea. He wanted to say something, but she said a lot. Su’s mother told him that when a woman is old, it’s easy for her not to have children. Moreover, Zhang Sihan has not been married at such an age, which is mostly a problem. At first, Su Yikai was still very firm, but she was gradually shaken by her mother. When Su Mu saw that he was shaken, she stopped persuading him and went back to her room to sleep. < p > < p > Su Yikai thought for a night. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Su Mu’s words were reasonable. So the next day he went to Zhang Sihan and said, “my mother said that you have to prove that you can be pregnant before I can marry you! You are thirty-six years old. If you can’t bear it, we should not waste our time! ” < p > < p > < p > the joy of the proposal did not go away. Su Yikai poured a basin of cold water, which instantly cooled Zhang Sihan’s heart. Zhang Sihan has never heard of the fact that marriage requires self certification of fertility. She also understands that Su’s mother thinks she is too old to be pregnant. Seeing that Zhang Sihan didn’t speak, Su Yikai thought he was smart enough to say, “otherwise, we should prepare for pregnancy, and when you are pregnant, we will get married. Anyway, it’s not uncommon that we are unmarried and pregnant first!” < p > < p > Zhang Sihan completely gave up his mind. Su Yikai said this, which proved that he did not trust himself. Zhang Sihan pushed Su Yikai’s hand away and said coldly, “what your mother said is right. Let’s live with your mother. We’ll break up.” < p > < p > Zhang Sihan walked away without looking back. She felt her heart dripping blood. She didn’t want to break up, but she didn’t want to be so insulted, so she had to let go. < p > < p > until now, Su Yikai hasn’t reflected on his own problems. In his opinion, Zhang Sihan’s reason for breaking up so readily is that he knows that he can’t have a child and knows his faults. He is also very glad that he has listened to his mother and made the right choice. It is not difficult to see that Su Yikai is a filial and obedient “good boy”, but he is not a good man to rely on. Because of a mother’s words, he questioned his girlfriend and even put forward such unreasonable demands. Being dumped was also self inflicted. Many wrong ideas are extremely unfair to women, which also become the main reason for women to escape marriage. Women don’t want to get married. They are afraid that they will not be respected and treated equally in marriage. < / P > < p > marriage is about two people working together to create a better home, not just for the sake of inheriting the family. Being questioned and treated like this before marriage will only be more difficult after marriage. Therefore, it is a wise choice for Zhang Sihan to break up. People should follow the pace of the times and go to more enlightened places. Influenced by the wrong ideas, the ultimate destruction is their own happiness. No matter who they are, they should not question and hurt women on the ground of their age. Since love, it should give 100% trust; since we are together, we should work together to overcome all difficulties. HEALTHY LIFE