Never be soft! Australia’s beef exports have been detected again, and China’s move shows domineering power

As we all know, there have been a lot of topics about China in recent years, but it is obvious that every mention is made intentionally by some countries. In order to place all the charges on China, some countries are really taking great pains. I didn’t think it would have any substantial effect at all. The so-called people in the sky to see, right and wrong black and white is not just by mouth can be arbitrarily reversed. But what China didn’t expect was that at the critical moment, Australia and other countries also stepped in and made random vilification of China on the original basis. It is really puzzling. However, no matter which country it is, China will not be soft on matters involving China’s internal problems. Once a problem is identified, they will maintain a mandatory attitude towards it. < / P > < p > China and Australia have always had a very close cooperative relationship, and the two sides have frequent exchanges for beef and other products. As a result, it was embarrassing that Australian beef was found to have quality problems by Chinese customs, which caused a series of contradictions. What’s even more unexpected is that the same problem reappeared shortly after this incident. According to the website of the General Administration of customs, Australia’s beef exports to China were once again found to have problems. China could not choose to turn a blind eye to this, so it took effective measures to deal with it. It has to be said that China’s move shows hegemony. It is understood that after the beef was detected to be defective, China immediately destroyed the defective products. Almost all of the beef imported from Australia by China has entered the market, which guarantees the daily supply for Chinese citizens. Therefore, for China, the quality problem is very important and there can not be any problem at all. It is clear that Australia is simply bumping into the window, and the same problem has repeatedly arisen. It is understood that this batch of beef imported from Australia to China has been detected by customs, and there is obvious chlorine toxin in it. We should know that chloramphenicol is a prohibited drug in China and Australia. Once such meat products enter the Chinese market, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, in order to prevent serious problems, the Chinese customs immediately destroyed all the meat. The detected products are directly destroyed. Of course, the reason why they chose to treat this batch of beef with such a firm attitude is to warn these enterprises that the same problem must not happen again. Otherwise, at that time, it will not only affect the cooperation between the two countries, but also affect their own export reputation. Think about the quality of goods with serious problems, which countries are willing to cooperate after that? At least, for China, this is the most basic problem, there is no way to make any concessions. < p > < p > for this batch of beef found to be problematic, the Chinese customs said that in order to ensure the safety of the imported meat, it had been destroyed, at the same time, it had also informed Australia. In addition, the Chinese customs called on Australia to ask the relevant enterprises to suspend meat export to China, and hoped that the other party could give positive response and feedback to China within 45 days, so as to avoid conflicts arising from the cooperation between relevant parties of the two countries, thus affecting the following work. It has to be said that Australia really needs to consider China’s problems and points out that the impact is very serious. < / P > < p > for such a long time, it is not only the meat products that face-to-face, but also the cooperation between China and Australia has been hindered. As a major exporter of Australia, China is very disappointed with some of Australia’s attitudes. Now, China has gradually cooperated with the United States and Russia on the import of meat products. In other words, if Australia can not find out its own problems as soon as possible and make rectification. Then the market in China will be replaced by other countries soon! Focus