New body care products of the year 2020

Sina fashion 2020 new beauty beauty list takes this year’s new products as the core, and publishes the most famous and influential annual beauty products and dozens of annual Beauty Awards. Under the background of the theme of style appreciation, the annual list was released. < p > < p > anbaodi / on the body Shuiguang Jingji Body Scrub Cream – Pomegranate fragrance was awarded the new body care new product of the year 2020 new beauty beauty list < / P > < p > farewell to the traditional single physical friction exfoliation, chemical + physical, more professional, more gentle and more effective. Select plant scrub particles and AHA acid, gently clean pores, soften cuticle, wake up the “water light muscle”. Plant fine powder grinding, comfortable massage; micro foaming, easy to wash, not greasy. Focus