New crown epidemic affects Japanese newborn naming, parents prefer natural and sunny names

Japan’s Meiji Anta life insurance company released a list of the country’s newborn names in 2020 on the 26th. “Cang” is the most frequently used name for boys and “yangkui” for girls, according to the list, Kyodo News Agency reported on the 26th.

it is reported that the meanings of “Cang” and “yangkui” in Japanese are similar to those in Chinese. The word “Cang” is taken from “heaven”. This is the first time that the word “Cang” has topped the list of the most popular boys’ names. In 2019, the name only ranked fourth. In addition, “tree” and “Lotus” tied for the second place. “Yangkui” refers to sunflower, which is the first time “yangkui” has become the most popular girl’s name, followed by “Lin” and “poetry”.

Meiji Antan life insurance company took its policy holders and their families as the statistical objects, and investigated 9172 male and 8825 female infants born in 2020. According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Japanese and the world are all very depressed this year. The parents of the newborns may wish to have a bright future through these open, natural and sunny names. Focus