New research shows that even moderate drinking is associated with decreased brain volume

It is reported that scientists have known that excessive drinking can lead to brain atrophy, but it is not clear whether moderate drinking has a similar effect. Researchers at the University of Helsinki in Finland explored this possible link by sampling 353 men and women aged 39-45. On average, the subjects were moderate drinkers, with an AUDIT-C score of 3.92, which is equivalent to drinking 2-4 times a month, with an average of 3-4 cups of wine each time, or occasionally drinking more than 6 cups of wine in a day every few months. In the test, the researchers performed magnetic resonance imaging on participants to measure their brain capacity.

researchers found the correlation between drinking dose and brain atrophy. When the AUDIT-C score increases by 1, the brain volume will decrease by about 0.2%. Even under the condition of controlling drinking, the correlation still exists in the male group, but not in the female group, and there is almost no statistical significance for women. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE