New standard of integration of early care and early care

Education is the foundation of a long-term plan. Education determines the present and future of human beings. Early education is the starting point and key of education. < / P > < p > on November 23, the 2020 brand upgrade conference of Oriental baby care was officially held in Beijing! Mr. ha Wei, vice president of School of education of Peking University, Ms. Zhang Silai, a famous parenting expert, Mr. Wang Lihua, project leader of child development center of China caring for the next generation working committee, Ms. Huang Xiaoli, chief editor of sina parenting, Mr. Deng Bangkai, President of Dongfang Aiying, Ms. Jia Jun, founder, and Ms. Wang Cong, vice president, attended the conference This paper discusses and introduces the trend of nurseries industry, the integrated business model of early childhood care, the new curriculum system of Oriental baby care, it system, VI and Si upgrading. < p > < p > she said: today’s world is in the process of unprecedented rapid development. As a pioneer of early education in China, Oriental baby care has the responsibility and obligation to lead the whole industry to a new direction and to a higher level – technology empowerment, and the “integrated” service mode of “nurseries + early education” is the new direction pointed out by Oriental baby for China’s early education industry To explore new models and create new formats. Extending and enriching the industrial chain of early education industry, so that every pair of Chinese parents can be assured of the critical period of their children’s growth, so that every child can have a high-quality critical period of growth, is the unshirkable responsibility and mission of Oriental baby care. < p > < p > the following discussion session of the summit was presided over by Ms. Wang Cong, vice president of Oriental baby care. Mr. Deng Bangkai, Ms. Jia Jun, Ms. Zhang Silai and Ms. Huang Xiaoli also discussed the topic of “changes in the current early childhood care industry”. The round table discussion focused on policy trend, operation mode, personnel training, inclusive care, consumer insight and other dimensions, and comprehensively analyzed the opportunities and challenges encountered in the “first year of kindergarten education”. In 2020, the integration of early childhood education will present a blue ocean trend: nursery service will occupy the most favorable time, place and people, and inject new development opportunities into the traditional early education industry, and the deep accumulation of early education industry will certainly escort the nursery industry. < / P > < p > when asked what they expected of the future of baby Oriental, several guests expressed their praise and expectation to Oriental baby love! Professor Zhang Silai has high hopes for the early care 4.0 model of Oriental baby care. He believes that in the near future, Oriental baby care will become a leader in the early care industry! < p > < p > finally, on behalf of all nurseries, they launched an initiative. The cause of infant care has just started. With our joint efforts, we can certainly promote the overall progress and development of the industry. We can pool our strength to jointly guard the “most important first 1000 days of life” of infants and young children, and realize the goal of “good child care” as soon as possible. < p > < p > first of all, Mr. Deng Bangkai, based on the identity of “executive director and chief operating officer of Chengshi Foreign Education Co., Ltd.,” clarified that through the strategic investment in Oriental baby care, Chengshi foreign education has successfully extended the education industry chain to early education for 0-6-year-old infants, formed a good connection and coordination with the existing education services, and realized the early education The important layout of the industry is to seize the opportunity of a new round of development of the early childhood education market: “this is a rare opportunity for Chengshi Foreign Education Co., Ltd., Oriental baby care, or the whole early education and nursery market.”. In addition, based on the identity of “CEO of Beijing Oriental Baby Care Consulting Co., Ltd.,” Mr. Deng emphatically introduced the national policies and industry prospects related to the integration of early childhood care, and introduced in detail four new modules of Oriental baby care, helping all participants to clarify the future development direction from an unprecedented height and angle. < / P > < p > he said that he hoped that this upgrade could help alliance businesses to better manage the campus, and also hoped that this upgrade could bring our products and all our curriculum systems into the next new stage. < / P > < p > the transformation of early childhood education industry is ready to start. We believe that in the early childhood care track, with 22 years of school running accumulation, we are qualified and confident to redefine the standards of early childhood care industry and promote the healthy development of early childhood care industry. < p > < p > subsequently, Cai Hui, director of Oriental baby care program, Mr. Li Xiaodong, director of information department, and Ms. Wang Cong, vice president, respectively presented the upgraded results to the participants on the course, system and operation, which were unanimously recognized by the alliance merchants. On the whole, it can be said that the integration of early childhood care can really achieve one center and three incomes. It can not only solve the low efficiency of traditional early education and child care business, but also maximize the business efficiency. It can also transform and drain the customers of early education and nursery education, and make the business module more collaborative! < / P > < p > compared with the simple combination mode of “early education + nurseries” of other brands and institutions, Dongfang Aiying 4.0 business model is based on 22 years of early education center operation experience and 7 years of operation experience of child care center, which can truly achieve the “early care integration” of sharing and integration, namely, space sharing, personnel sharing, customer sharing, etc., which can solve the most difficult problems at present “Operation system”, “curriculum system”, “system problems”, “user life cycle” and so on need to invest a lot of human and material resources, as well as the parts that need precipitation, summary and optimization, fully polished to achieve the optimal solution, and comprehensively give the “standard answer” of early childhood care integration from many aspects! < / P > < p > after a short communication, it is a new round of challenges and the first trial after upgrading. We still have a lot of time to better manage the campus and make education more professional. We look forward to the future of Oriental baby love! You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao