New year’s favorite new muscle can be leisurely luxury pet skin shower gel, call to enjoy the good luck of spring

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, red luck naturally needs natural beauty! Busy with the new year flag at the same time, the whole body skin care also has a new look forward to. After a whole year’s hard work, the body, skin and soul are in urgent need of mild healing, and enter a state of “repair”. < / P > < p > for delicate girls, body skin and facial skin are equally important, and this year’s first flag, it’s better to try to apply the delicate care of facial skin care in body skin care, so that you can shine from the inside out, and open up the beautiful skin of 2021. Shiseido’s body care brand can be a brand new “white jade bottle” body care series, with skin care bath & essence muscle repair experience, and enjoy your new year’s luck with your “atmosphere”. < / P > < p > the skin condition at the beginning of the new year is particularly important. Looking back, do you have a lot of fatigue and trouble? It’s better to slow down, relax yourself, enter a state of healing, and start again with a better attitude in the coming year.

“healing” begins with bath cleanliness. The first step is to use the luxury and beauty of the body wash. It contains the facial essence, the classic moisturizing ingredient, the sodium hyaluronate prepared by the Shiseido fermentation process, which brings the skin care class bathing experience. With rich and delicate foam, keep every inch of skin deep and clean, moisturize and repair, and moisturize skin. < / P > < p > the maintenance of facial skin, applied to the daily care of body skin, will be as delicate as jade from the inside out. This “healing SPA” starts with the end of Shiseido’s body care brand, which can be used as a “Body Essence” body milk. It contains 3 kinds of fermented skin ingredients: rare ingredients, hydrolyzed yeast, moisturizing ingredient sodium hyaluronate, fermentation ingredient Lactobacillus / rice fermentation product. 3. The strong original repairing power brought by the natural fermentation ingredients, the “fermentation” wakes up the skin like jade, and the state of flawless skin, and your new year’s good luck will come as promised! < / P > < p > in addition to the comfortable feeling of using, the “white jade bottle” body care series can also integrate one of the Sanya Dao, which is inspired by Japan, into the daily care, so as to achieve the beauty of artistic conception and spiritual enjoyment by smell, and give a sense of life ceremony from the new year.

can be introduced into the “white jade bottle” body care series to introduce the fragrance technology of fragrance giant jakarton and de Jesse, and the special flavors of professional perfumer bring the front and rear tones that are comparable to perfume. < / P > < p > honey love words: sweet and sour fresh red currant fruit fragrance, elegant and soft white flower fragrance and quiet and steady wood fragrance, soothing intoxication, expanding fragrance, long and strong. < / P > < p > delicate two-step care can nourish and soften the skin like white jade. The new “white jade bottle” body shampoo series is dedicated to the fragrance of Ningcheng and the two different types of bath lotion, the essence of body essence, which brings a brand new experience to your new year.

second step maintenance – you can leisurely “white jade bottle” muscle essence body milk, you can easily select the “hydrolyzed yeast *”, containing muscle repair ingredients, and see the beauty of skin flexibility. < / P > < p > * hydrolytic yeast is actually the hydrolysate of yeast cells. There are many kinds of yeast. The selected hydrolytic yeast ingredient of leisurely body milk comes from the yeast named ceravure, which is the only precious yeast selected from 280 kinds of yeast that can produce ceramide by itself. The hydrolytic yeast ingredient contains ceramide 3 in human skin lipid Therefore, it can supplement ceramide of skin, repair skin barrier and strengthen muscle base. < / P > < p > when used together, the effect is obvious, and the skin moisture and gloss are improved by 93% and 38% respectively. Deeply lock the water to repair and change the “jade skin on the soup” * *. < / P > < p > * * based on the data from the third-party testing agency, 25 Asian women aged 19-49 were randomly selected. They were treated with leisurely luxury cosset body lotion and leisurely luxury cosset body milk. The results of instrument test showed that the actual effect varied from person to person. < / P > < p > Shiseido personal care’s body care brand can be leisurely – can leisurely luxury muscle series, take you to explore the body skin care “muscle” density, strength is luxurious nursing experience, welcome the new year’s new “muscle”! Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!