New York public schools open for a while

New York City public schools will resume face-to-face teaching from 3-K, pre-K and kindergarten to grade 5 from December 7, and face-to-face teaching in special education schools in the 75th school district from December 10, according to the United States. Although some grades of public schools will resume face-to-face courses again, the ever-changing decrees have made some Chinese parents who both husband and wife have to work hard.

Zeng Tony, a Chinese American parent whose son was in the fourth grade, and his wife ran a Chinese restaurant. In order to take care of the restaurant business, the couple resumed face-to-face courses at New York City public school, and then registered for their son to attend a course that totally depended on attending school to continue his studies. But since New York City closed school buildings and suspended face-to-face classes again on the 19th of this month, he and his wife called it “too difficult.”.

“stop when you say stop and start when you open. Parents have to change their work schedule at any time. It’s too difficult!” Zeng said that the restaurants mainly rely on takeout to make a living. Before his son was able to attend face-to-face courses at school, the couple were able to continue their business with only one takeout. But since the 19th, the wife has to stay at home because she has to take care of and assist her son in distance courses. She has to hire one more person to take care of the business of the store. Although face-to-face courses could be resumed soon, the epidemic situation was changing, and the arrangements and regulations of public schools were also changing, which made him and his wife miserable.

Lin Li Ke, a Chinese American parent with two children in grade three, said that the teaching methods and even the progress of face-to-face courses and distance courses are not the same. Children who have just attended the distance courses for nearly 10 days may have to adapt to face-to-face courses, which has seriously affected their academic performance. “Why don’t you just sign up for a full distance course?” Lin Li Ke said that not only the epidemic situation is changing, but also the municipal government’s standards on whether to continue face-to-face courses in public schools are changing, which is really unbearable. Whether the face-to-face courses will continue to be closely related to the actual situation of the epidemic. Although the face-to-face courses were resumed on December 7, no one can know how long it will last. From the beginning of the full distance course, the children have finally adapted to the full face-to-face teaching mode. Since the 19th of this month, they have just adapted to the complete distance course, and now they have to adapt again.

Lin Li Ke said that he would consider registering his children for a full distance course. After all, even if the epidemic situation worsened again, the distance course would not be stopped. Even if the effect of distance courses is not good, it is better than “changing to toss around”. 2