Nine nine big promotion wash face milk sale millions, how does snow Ling imperial concubine do

In the context of big data consumption, skin care products are still the top of the consumer market. In recent years, xuelingfei, a domestic brand focusing on the field of facial cleansing and skin care, has become a skin care brand loved and recognized by consumers. Its amino acid facial cleanser, which has the largest share in Taobao, has a monthly sales volume of 50W.

snow Ling Fei may be a little strange to some people, but it was founded in 2010, and has been 10th anniversary years ago. Many people still didn’t notice this brand before, but with the rise of the short tiktok video, with a series of interesting short videos, Xue Ling Fei gradually gained the attention and recognition of the young group, and also became angry on the major social platforms. Come on.

during the three-day activity, Xueling Fei’s three popular products: facial cleanser, exfoliation and cleaning mud film, all achieved excellent sales results. Each product has its own sales label, become the current Taobao products, hot single product is not just talk about it.

according to the data of tmall, at this stage, the main shopping group is after 95, accounting for 1 / 4 of the online shopping group of the whole network, with high adhesion and frequent ordering frequency. This means that whoever wins the heart of the post-95’s will win a large share of the market.

Xue Lingfei’s success is mainly due to its sensitivity to the market and its positioning of its own brand, which is accurate and accurate. It has launched products of subdivision categories, such as facial cleanser, cleaning mud film, exfoliation, etc., which are more popular items in the large market, and pave the way for the follow-up development of xuelingfei. It is the clever cutting in of this kind of subdivision category that makes Xue Ling Fei more attractive Ling Fei stands out in the vast beauty and skin care market.

on the product side, the main slogan of xuelingfei’s products is the brand concept of natural, beautiful skin and beautiful face. Naturally, it is also the natural ingredients and raw materials selected. For example, xuelingfei amino acid facial cleanser is clearly marked with amino acid composition, so consumers can clearly know the main ingredients and efficacy of facial cleanser. The visual impact of this intuitive component can bring trust and persuasion to customers Feeling.

Finally, with the power of short video, it is one of the main channels for Xue Ling Fei to enter the market. At first, she tried to put in the open box video of short video, as well as the entertainment celebrities based on the plot. Through the funny and interesting video drainage, she also realized the maximization of Xue Ling Fei’s advertising drainage. In addition, Xueling Fei and Fang Wenshan have jointly produced amino acid facial cleanser. The packaging design of ancient style and the lyrics of Wenshan above can attract Fang Wenshan fans to pay the bill.

in addition to the platform marketing in the early stage, it has opened the sales market of Xueling imperial concubine. However, if the product itself is not hard, it will not go down. It can be seen from the Internet that many netizens are generally satisfied with xuelingfei’s products. After washing the face, the facial cleanser will not be false slippery and tight. Moreover, his ace facial cleanser is also added with nicotinamide, which can make it whiter and whiter The effect, can win the favor of the public, is also justified.

in a word, although there are some bad comments on Xue Ling Fei on the Internet, she has been famous in the domestic skin care industry for ten years. Besides marketing, the quality of the products is also a very important part of the reason. The high quality of the products is the necessary condition for Xue Lingfei to go further. 08/16/2020