No damage to skin barrier

Have you found that if you don’t do your homework well, when you travel outside, whether it’s your face or scalp, it’s more likely to have oil or acne than usual? < / P > < p > with the coming of the National Day holiday, the outdoor still warm ultraviolet rays, coupled with the humid environment created by the mask, it’s easy to cause various conditions for the facial skin and hair, It affects the generation of beauty photos of punch cards in the circle of friends. Sun protection is a good way to protect your skin. < / P > < p > < p > & quot; is the standard for choosing products when traveling. Try not to use new products that are not familiar with your skin, and try not to use products with strong effect to prevent allergy. < / P > < p > moisturizing and antioxidation are also the key skin care lessons when traveling. If you are traveling to a place with large temperature difference, remember that skin care products must contain a little oil to achieve good water locking effect.

honeybee bee glue repair essence is rich in high concentration propolis, which can effectively relieve skin redness and prick, improve acne, acne and closure, and accelerate skin’s self repair ability.

Shiseido hair care core care small green tube scalp hydrating mask, let scalp keep water and oil balance, repair ultraviolet rays and other external injury, and let hair root is not so easy to stick scalp, mirror looks better.

ORDET protects and moisturizes the vital muscle essence, effectively regulates the water and oil value of the skin, and protects the skin from Yi Fanhong and smallpox by stimulating the muscle bottom.

Biotherm miracle water muscle essence shows high concentration of live essence, which can effectively activate the muscle bottom cells, accelerate the replacement of cells, increase the absorbability, and make skin strong and fresh. < / P > < p > Sofina Sophia core beauty day care sunscreen spf50 + / PA + + + + sunscreen and refreshing formula, adding ceramide, can keep skin dry, and make skin keratosis cycle return to normal.

charming Xuan Xuan fluffy essence, mousse is light, bubble and refreshing and finalized. It contains 7 kinds of plant essence. It brings silky smoothness to damaged rough hair and forms light water protection layer. Pets