No matter how old it is, apply the mask to remember “3 no”, otherwise no big card will be used.

autumn and winter weather gradually began to dry, and only apply mask can play a role in protecting the skin. Mask is not only deposited at that time, after finishing the mask, there are still many steps to note. And these steps are completely separate from men and women. As long as the mask is finished, these movements must not be done. The purpose of

mask is to make our skin more delicate and shiny, but if the mask is not applied properly, it is not as good as it is. After finishing the mask, you do not think that it will be over. There will be steps to wait for you later. Once you have made 3 of those, you should have a white mask.

many people will choose to wash their face directly after finishing the mask, but when it is finished, they should not wash their face immediately, and give their skin a time to absorb skin care products. If you are going to wash your face directly after applying the mask, the nutrients of the skin are not fully absorbed, or even part of the skin is still on the surface of the skin, which is not conducive to the absorption of the skin.

no matter which kind of mask after finishing, do not quickly wash, otherwise expensive mask is white. In fact, the essence of the mask will not stay a lot. The real essence is in the remaining essence. Once it is finished, it will be washed away. The most important thing for

is to apply the mask to repair and care for our skin. After finishing the mask, the skin will be moisten even more than what it is before. When you wash your face, it will not only wash away the essence of the face, but also damage your skin again, so you must not wash your face after finishing the mask.

can wash your face after 10-15 minutes of finishing the mask, then give your skin a time to absorb nutrients. At the same time, you can gently massage your cheeks until the essence of your face is absorbed completely, so that the essence on your face can be absorbed into the face before you wash your face. Only then can you apply the mask to its original skin care function. .

many people apply a mask before going to bed, and then go to sleep with their sleepiness. Especially when the sleeping mask is prevailing, sleeping with a mask is like a trend. But in fact, this habit is very bad for our skin. It’s not only easy to stew acne and cause the cuticle thickening, but also can make your face appear rotten.

mask can only stay for 10-15 minutes in our skin. Once the mask is over this time, the skin paper will easily cause the loss of water in our skin. The water that has just filled the skin will also cause loss because you do not get the mask in time. What is there is no advantage at all, so when you apply the mask, you must pay attention to the time. Hold it.

whether it is smeared or flaky mask, the time to stay on the face is limited. If you are going to sleep directly, the consequence is that your facial skin will continue to be dry for some time because of your wrong actions, and even affect the absorption of your subsequent skin care products. The effect after applying the mask is not enough. Our daily mask application time is more than 15 minutes, then the skin will easily appear " the state of excessive hydration ".

mask can only stay for 15 minutes in our skin. As for the cleansing mask, we should pay more attention to the retention time. It can not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise it will easily cause thinning of the red blood thinner stratum corneum. When you remove the mask, gently flap the skin, so that your skin can better absorb the essence of the mask paper, so that you can play the main purpose of the mask. If you stay too long, it will not only have no skin care effect, but also make your skin suffer more serious damage.

many people think that facial mask is a once and for all solution. After finishing the mask, there is no need for subsequent skin care. But in fact, mask can protect and nourish our skin, but mask is not finished. It’s a lot of moisturizing function. Other meticulous details of the function of the mask, in fact, is not very able to do, so we still need to finish the facial mask after skin care.

and after finishing the mask, our skin is in an extremely delicate and smooth environment. At this time, the essence of the skin care products can be absorbed by our skin better, and the effect of skin care will naturally become more obvious. The application of the mask is actually a step to assist the subsequent skin care products intake.

also has a part of the girl who wants to be lazy. After finishing the mask, she doesn’t want to carry out subsequent skin care. But skin care is the most important thing, which can make your skin absorb the essence better, and the skin effect will naturally get better and better. So after finishing the mask, you must pay attention to the next skin care steps, which is the key factor that can make your skin better. After finishing the mask,

must have skin care. Especially for the girl with high functional requirements, such as whitening and spotting, the steps of skin care must be small, otherwise your skin condition will be hard to reach the standard you want. Before skin care, your face must show a non greasy state, so that the follow-up skin care products can be better absorbed by the skin, and the skin care effect will be more obvious. Above

is what I do not want to sum up after finishing the mask. I must avoid myself. If it is expensive, the best mask is white, which can not play any role at all. It may even have a negative effect on your skin. “Three. Privacy Policy