“No matter how rich you are, don’t be in a hurry to have a second child.” 43 year old rich woman insisted on having a second child, but she regretted it a year later

Having a second child is not something you can make a blind decision. No matter how rich you are, you can’t be too willful. Otherwise, in the end, it will always be yourself, your family and your children.

Xiaomei is a very independent career oriented woman. After working in the workplace for many years, she has made some achievements in her career. She is a “rich woman”.

because the family’s economic conditions are very good, now the country has opened the two-child policy. Therefore, at the age of 43, Xiaomei gave birth to a second child in spite of the opposition of the people around her. She was also confident that she had money and could afford it.

However, after only one year of giving birth to her second child, Xiaomei regretted it. Because the two children at home are not getting along well at all, they always have conflicts, and they are middle-aged and often feel powerless when taking care of their children.

this makes Xiaomei very depressed, because she never thought her original happy life would be like this. When she saw that her best friend also wanted to have a second child, she couldn’t help persuading her best friend to make a careful decision.

we have to have children by age, although we can always see that many people can still have children even when they are very old. But the risk we have to face in this process is not a little bit.

the reason for this is that all aspects of the body function of the elderly women are gradually degenerating, the ovarian function and placental function are not as good as before, and the bones have basically solidified, forming a fixed pelvic cavity.

although many elderly women always feel that they are very experienced in taking care of their children before giving birth to the second child, they will be very good at taking care of their children after the second child is born.

what they didn’t notice was that their age had already passed the best childbearing age, and it was a very energy consuming thing to take care of their children. For them at this time, or very difficult, their energy is unable to compete with the children.

although the two child family is very busy, it is still difficult for the two children to get along with each other harmoniously in the two child family, and parents are needed to help balance.

but if parents don’t have this ability, many things will get busier and more chaotic, which will make children’s relationship worse, seriously affect family harmony, and even lead to family rupture.

when a second child is born to an elderly woman, the education of the child will also become a problem. Although it is said that elderly women with two children will have more experience in many things, if they are too different from their children’s age, there will be a big generation gap.

when an elderly woman gives birth to a second child, she has to think well of being discussed by others. Especially when children go to kindergarten and pick up their own children, it’s easy to be mistaken for their grandparents or grandparents.

even if we don’t care about it, these gossips will have a very bad impact on children, seriously affect their character and mental health, and make them more and more introverted and inferiority complex.

the cost of raising two children is not small. If our economic conditions are not good, it’s better not to be born. It will affect the original quality of life, and it’s also very bad for the growth of children.

in addition to economic conditions, we also have to consider the issue of child rearing. There are two children in the family. How to educate them is a very important problem.

Moreover, if we are too old, there will be a big generation gap between us and our children. We may not be able to educate our children well, which will affect their life.

because if we can’t balance the relationship between two children, the relationship between two children will be worse and worse, which will seriously affect the family harmony. Not to mention, it is also very bad for the physical and mental health of two children.

in addition to the above two points, we have to consider the attitude of the eldest child before we have a second child. As long as the eldest child agrees, the two children will get along better.

the last one is our physical condition and age. If we are not in good health, suffer from some diseases, or are not in the best childbearing age range of 25-35 years old, we’d better not give birth, which will bring risks to ourselves and our baby.

although our country has opened up the two-child policy, every place is also encouraging people to have a second child. However, in the matter of having a second child, we should consider it carefully. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE