No signs of corporal punishment in case of death of kindergarten children reported in Jingzhou, Hubei Province

According to the official wechat news of Jingzhou Municipal Government Information Office, the joint investigation group of jinlingda kindergarten in Jingzhou District, Jingzhou City, issued a notice on December 4 that due to the negligence of teachers’ supervision, Liu, a child in the kindergarten, played alone in the corridor outside the fourth floor of the teaching building. He accidentally broke the toughened glass of the corridor guardrail and fell from the fourth floor at about 15:45. Before the incident, there was no sign of teacher corporal punishment of Liu. < p > < p > on December 2, after the fall and death accident of Liu, a child in jinlingda kindergarten in Jingzhou, Jingzhou District attached great importance to it, and quickly organized the public security, emergency, housing and construction, fire protection, education and other departments to establish a joint investigation team to carry out the work of investigating the scene, investigating and interviewing, and pacifying the aftermath. The relevant information is hereby notified: < / P > < p > after inquiry and interview and on-site investigation experiment, etc Duan found out that on the afternoon of December 2, two teachers in the kindergarten’s large class organized 34 children to rehearse the new year’s day show on the playground of the kindergarten. Due to the rain, they temporarily moved to the staff’s home on the fourth floor of the teaching building. During the rehearsal of the program in the staff’s home, due to the negligence of the teacher’s supervision, a child named Liu went to play alone in the corridor outside the fourth floor, accidentally smashed the toughened glass of the corridor guardrail, and fell from the fourth floor at about 15:45. Before the incident, there was no sign of teacher corporal punishment of Liu. < / P > < p > after the incident, the kindergarten immediately called 120 to carry out emergency rescue. The district public security, emergency, education, comprehensive management and other departments and Dongcheng Street office immediately rushed to the scene for disposal. The child who fell from the building was declared dead after 120 doctors’ on-site rescue failed. After forensic identification, Liu died of traumatic hemorrhagic shock after falling, and the family members of the deceased had no objection to the identification results. On the one hand, the safety management of the kindergarten was not implemented effectively. The fourth floor of the teaching building is the staff’s home. There is no video monitoring here, and it is not used at ordinary times. According to the regulations, children are not allowed to enter. The management system of prohibiting children from entering the fourth floor of the kindergarten has not been implemented. On the other hand, there are loopholes in the organization of extracurricular activities in the kindergarten, and the children are separated from the supervision of teachers. < p > < p > after the incident, Jingzhou district work team quickly arranged family members to visit the scene, and arranged to participate in the later investigation and autopsy. Considering the psychological bearing capacity of the parents, there was no arrangement for the parents to meet with the remains. At present, family members have been arranged to meet with the remains in batches, and other post-treatment work is speeding up. The special class of the district has been stationed in the kindergarten to supervise the rectification. The kindergarten and relevant personnel involved in the incident are required to start the accountability procedure according to laws and regulations, and deal with them seriously. < p > < p > since December 3, the Education Bureau of Jingzhou District has organized safety inspectors to investigate and rectify potential safety hazards in kindergartens in the whole district to ensure campus safety. HEALTHY LIFE