Normal eat can thin! 5:2 fasting recommended by nutritionists

In recent years, many people use the fasting method to lose weight, but in fact, there is not only one intermittent fasting method. We often hear the 16:8 fasting method to control the eating time within 8 hours, or the 5:2 fasting method to have a normal diet five days a week and a two-day fasting.

nutritionists recommend: moderate light fasting, so that the body does not have to work hard to digest food all the time, and the liver also has time to repair damaged cells for detoxification.

fasting is the most popular topic in recent years, but is it really good for your health? Zhao Hanying, director of Taiwan Chenguang health and nutrition specialist consulting center, shared that from the clinical nutrition clinic, it was found that no matter what the reason for choosing to stop eating, for example, in order to quickly throw oil, environmental protection and detoxification in the body, and improve the allergic constitution, proper fasting really has many benefits for the body.

can changes in diet make such a big difference? Zhao Hanying explained: the liver, gallbladder, intestines and stomach need to work hard to digest food after they are full every day. In the long run, it will lead to too much organ load, and gradually strike. Fat hoarding, poor metabolism, abnormal blood glucose and lipids, immune imbalance, poor sleep quality and other conditions will follow. However, if we change our eating habits and implement light fasting, we can reduce the burden on our body and give our body a chance to repair.

just thinking about reducing food intake and starving will make people resist. So some fasting methods, instead of losing weight successfully, may make you fat back. For example:

nutritionist Zhao Hanying said: the method of only drinking liquid will be very difficult in the first two days of implementation, and has been in a state of hunger without satiety, although it is so exciting Strong way will make the weight drop quickly in a short time, but once you return to normal diet, the weight will rebound immediately; coupled with the fasting time is too long, the body will absorb faster, directly hoard into fat reserves.

if you only eat fruits and vegetables, you will lack the protein and fat your body needs, which may lead to endocrine disorders under unbalanced nutrition. Therefore, when choosing the method of fasting, we must not listen to the folk prescription casually.

nutritionist Zhao Hanying suggested a 5:2 fasting method, with only two days a week to implement a light fasting, which would not affect the original quality of life. Usually, you can still get together with friends. On the day of light fasting, you can freely choose the right one. After one day of hard implementation, you can eat what you want to eat the next day, and your body gets proper rest and repair. If you eat two kinds of eggs every night, you can avoid eating two kinds of food early. If you’re too hungry to sleep, you can have a bowl of miso tofu soup, or a glass of sugar free soymilk or a boiled egg. Because protein intake can supplement tryptophan, it can help sleep, and good sleep can double the weight loss effect.

in addition, don’t blindly pursue low calorie in fasting. You should eat the food to ensure adequate nutrition, and pay attention to your emotions. If you feel too depressed, you must not continue to implement it, which indicates that this method is not suitable for you. Weight loss must maintain a happy mood, the effect will be long. CUISINE&HEALTH