Notice to pregnant women: is it not suitable to do housework from a few months? 5 points for attention, don’t be arrogant

Yesterday, I accompanied my cousin to the hospital for birth examination. During the waiting period, I heard several pregnant women talking about housework. A pregnant woman said that when she was pregnant, her family did not let her do any housework because of her strong reaction.

another pregnant woman said that even if she was pregnant, she still did most of the housework, but now her stomach is getting bigger and bigger, it’s difficult to bend down, and it’s not convenient to do anything.

in real life, although many mothers to be do housework almost all the time during pregnancy, they are not suitable for housework at a certain stage. Otherwise, the stomach will be squeezed for a long time, or accidents will threaten the growth and development of the fetus.

some expectant mothers may ask, is it not appropriate to do housework since the first few months of pregnancy? In fact, there is no standard answer to this question. After all, every expectant mother’s stomach size and reaction are different. For example, some mothers to be have a very strong reaction soon after pregnancy. They are weak and unable to do housework at all. And some mothers to be are more relaxed during the whole pregnancy, without obvious discomfort.

1. The physical burden is significantly increased: with the increase of gestational weeks, the mother to be will have a bigger and bigger stomach. At this time, if you do a little housework, you will be tired. You should reduce the amount of housework slowly, otherwise it will be harmful to the fetus and baby if you are too tired.

2. In case of special circumstances: during pregnancy, if the mother to be has some special conditions, such as low placental position, signs of premature delivery and other conditions that need to be protected, it is not suitable to do housework.

3. Near the expected date of delivery: by the time of 8 or 9 months’ pregnancy, most mothers to be have big stomachs, which is not suitable for housework. After all, it’s not convenient to do anything with a big stomach. If accidents happen during the period, or if you are too tired, it’s not conducive to the development of the fetus.

in real life, there may be many mothers to be who don’t live with their elders and have no one to take care of them, so they have to do the housework themselves. But if it’s inconvenient to bend down, what should I do about housework?

① ask for help from family members: if the mother to be feels it is difficult to bend down and a lot of housework is hard to do, we should first seek help from family members. In fact, after 6 or 7 months of pregnancy, mothers to be can’t leave.

② hire a nanny or a temporary worker: if there is something wrong with the family or other special circumstances that make it impossible to take care of the mother to be, the mother to be can also hire a nanny or temporary worker to do the housework instead of herself according to her own economic situation.

③ selective housework: generally, there are many kinds of housework. It is inconvenient for expectant mothers to bend down, so don’t do the housework that needs to bend down, do some simple and within one’s ability, and leave the rest of the housework to the family. Try not to be arrogant and protect the baby.

at a certain stage, expectant mothers are not suitable for housework, but this does not mean that pregnant women can not do housework. In fact, it’s good to do some simple housework and activities during pregnancy. It’s just that expectant mothers should pay more attention to the following points.

don’t bend down or squat for a long time: such as cleaning the floor, squatting to wash clothes, etc., these housework that need to bend down or squat for a long time may cause pelvic bleeding, or squeeze the baby, causing serious consequences.

don’t do dangerous housework: dangerous housework includes climbing, lifting heavy objects, etc.

] don’t be arrogant or too impatient: some mothers to be are very clean and can’t help cleaning up when they see a bit of chaos at home. In fact, mothers to be should not try to be brave or too impatient during pregnancy, because these may be harmful to the fetus and baby.

] choose the right housework to avoid overwork: during pregnancy, it’s better for the expectant mother to do some simple housework, such as folding clothes and cleaning the table, so as to avoid overwork.

pay attention to safety and pay attention to everything: although it is very common to do housework, as the mother to be is in a special period and her body is not convenient, she needs to pay attention to safety and do a good job of protection.

in a word, when doing housework during pregnancy, mothers to be must make reasonable arrangements according to their own conditions. They should not be arrogant or too harsh on themselves to do too much housework. After all, there is a baby in the stomach. The mother to be should learn to protect herself and the fetus, pay attention to safety and always be alert to danger. 20