Observation on the shortage of music, sports and beauty teachers in primary schools

Recently, the topic of strengthening the evaluation of sports aesthetic education in high school entrance examination has aroused social concern. “Xinhua viewpoint” reporters in many places found that there is a serious shortage of music, sports and fine arts teachers in some rural areas. Although some schools are equipped with classrooms with complete functions, they do not even have a full-time teacher. In many places, there is a phenomenon that English, mathematics and English teachers are also responsible for music, sports and beauty. Hetian middle school in Longhui County of Hunan Province is a rural junior middle school with 768 students. At present, there is not even a full-time physical education teacher. “The school used to have a full-time sports teacher, but he left two years ago. Now only young, sports loving teachers can be arranged to take the place of P.E He Tian middle school teaching director Liao Chonglin said. < p > < p > in bianyuan Township Central Primary School in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, a two-story building has a sign of “rural children’s Palace”. It is reported that the stadium will be built with an investment of 1.5 million yuan, including an art room, a music room and a science and technology activity room. However, the whole school does not have a full-time music or art teacher. < / P > < p > “there are 22 on-the-job teachers, including 2 physical education teachers. Music and art classes are also teachers of other subjects.” The principal told reporters that by the fifth and sixth grade, the school simply changed the physical education, aesthetic education and other courses into Chinese, mathematics and other major subjects, “after all, scores are very important.”. < p > < p > according to the regulations, primary schools and junior middle schools are equipped with one physical education teacher every six classes, and rural primary and secondary schools are equipped with at least one full-time physical education teacher. The reporter has learned from many interviews that although school physical education and aesthetic education have made great progress in recent years, the shortage of music, sports and beauty teachers is still very prominent in some areas. According to the report on the supervision and evaluation of the balanced development of compulsory education in China in 2019, among the 35 counties that are basically balanced, 25 counties lack teachers in music, sports, fine arts, English, science, information technology and other disciplines to varying degrees, with a total shortage of 2095 teachers. This problem is more prominent in rural schools. Nujiang Prefecture is one of the most poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan and even in China. The first condition of Luzhou Nujiang middle school is to run the school. Zhang Heying, vice president, said that there are 19 classes and 910 students in junior high school, but only four physical education teachers, one art teacher and one music teacher are equipped. < / P > < p > “physical education has been emphasized for many years, and the situation is relatively better; art and music have always been regarded as minor subjects, so it is very weak and more difficult to improve the level of education and teaching all at once.” Zhang Heying said. According to an education department official in Shanxi Province, the total number of teachers is controlled. Although some teachers retire every year, they give priority to supplement teachers majoring in language and mathematics. Although in recent years, we are also making great efforts to supplement teachers of music, sports and beauty. The school reports to the higher authorities every year. However, due to the outstanding shortage of teachers in Longhui County and the limited attraction of Backward Counties and cities, the recruitment of teachers may not be full every year, and the shortage of full-time teachers is even more difficult to guarantee. Generally, after the superior departments recruit teachers, they are allocated according to the needs of each school. Now the school physical education teachers have not been able to solve the problem Liao Chonglin said. In addition, many interviewees believe that the difficulty in recruiting physical education and aesthetic education teachers and the large flow of them are related to their low salary and status. Compared with the teachers majoring in Chinese and mathematics, physical education and aesthetic education teachers are at a disadvantage in terms of professional title evaluation and promotion. Therefore, many graduates of normal universities are not willing to be teachers of music, sports and beauty. A headmaster of a primary school in Guizhou said that some teachers’ majors were similar to those of fine arts and music, but they felt that there was no sense of achievement in teaching these subjects, so they tried to change jobs or teach other subjects. < p > < p > a primary school principal said that for many years, the goal of score oriented examination has a profound impact on education and teaching. In the eyes of teachers, students and parents, it doesn’t matter if they do well in Chinese, mathematics and other minor courses. “In such a system of education and teaching assessment, courses such as music, sports and beauty are naturally looked down upon and ignored.” < / P > < p > “the whole society still does not pay enough attention to the beauty of music and sports, and teachers of music and sports beauty are not respected as they should be.” A primary school music teacher in Shanxi said, “music, sports and beauty teachers can’t find self-confidence, let alone feel the percentage.” Some rural primary and secondary school teachers said that bringing physical education and aesthetic education into the secondary school entrance examination evaluation system will help schools and families to attach importance to physical education and aesthetic education. However, lack of teachers can not guarantee that schools can provide enough basic physical education and aesthetic education courses, let alone guarantee the quality of teaching. < p > < p > in Yunnan Province, the reporter found that grade 7 students not only had running, 1 minute rope skipping and other required items, but also included football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, martial arts and so on. Each student selected 2 items, and the score was 2 points. < p > < p > it is suggested by the education circles that the urgent task is to find out the number of teacher gaps in detail, determine the bottom line requirements for the proportion of full-time physical education and aesthetic education teachers on the basis of extensive research, and incorporate them into the evaluation index system of school teaching work, so as to ensure the implementation. All localities should strengthen the investment and guarantee of education to improve the attractiveness of primary and secondary school teachers. Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of physical health and art education of the Ministry of education, said that provinces should formulate a three-year action plan for the construction of school sports and aesthetic education teachers, and a three-year action plan for the construction of school sports and aesthetic education facilities, that is, by 2022, a strong team of sports and aesthetic education teachers should be established to meet the requirements of school sports and aesthetic education. In order to solve the problem of teachers shortage in music, sports and beauty, some places have also carried out some explorations. For example, Changsha in Hunan Province uses “wisdom education” to solve this problem. < / P > < p > “we selected 122 schools in the urban area as the base schools, which radiated 352 rural remote schools and teaching points. Through the way of” special delivery class “, the classes were arranged in an orderly manner, and the urban teachers” 1 drag n “implemented live network teaching Miao Yaqin, deputy director of Changsha Education Bureau, said. Taiyuan, December 2 (Xinhua): “some rural middle schools don’t even have a full-time physical education teacher!” ——Observation on the gap of music, sports and beauty teachers in primary schools= https://luanban.com/category/parrent/ target=_ blank>PARRENT&CHILDREN