Obstetricians are most afraid of pregnant women. They have a high risk factor when giving birth. They should keep in mind the “Eight word diet” during pregnancy

Being too fat during pregnancy not only increases the risk of hypertension and diabetes, but also leads to cesarean section and the incidence of macrosomia, which sometimes affects the health of mothers and children after childbirth. Increased risk of fetal type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women too fat also easy to cause miscarriage, because the body of overweight pregnant women estrogen and progesterone will be relatively low, so the quality of oocytes decline, affecting the quality of fertilized eggs. < / P > < p > because they are fat, the pelvic adipose tissue of pregnant mothers accumulates, which reduces the space available for delivery and increases the probability of fetal head disproportion during delivery. In addition, because of fat, muscle strength is relatively poor, often accompanied by uterine atony, slow down the progress of labor, increase the possibility of dystocia. Birth rate is high: pregnant mother is too fat, the fetus will generally be overweight, so the birth of more than 8 Jin everywhere, this is also known as macrosomia. And macrosomia is not a happy event. They are often more likely to get sick as soon as they are born than other fetuses. Difficult to heal after cesarean section: because fat may increase the healing time after cesarean section, because the pregnant mother has a lot of body fat, open the fat to block the abdominal cavity during the operation and can’t see the situation inside, so it will be difficult for the fetus to take out. In addition, the liquefaction of fat often occurs after the operation, and the wound healing is much more difficult than others. 03 < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers have early pregnancy reaction and feel like vomiting when drinking water. They will not only not be fat, but also may be thin. In fact, it doesn’t matter, because you don’t want your mother to gain weight in the first trimester. Of course, if the vomiting is too serious, to avoid dehydration, it is recommended to seek medical advice. Of course, if the pregnant mother’s body mass index is small, it can be appropriately higher than the weight gain standard; otherwise, if the pregnant mother’s body mass index is larger, it can not be higher than the weight gain standard. If the whole pregnancy suddenly increased 20 kg, even 80 kg, these are dangerous signals, should be paid attention to. < p > < p > pregnant women should say “no” to obesity. After pregnancy, most of the obesity is eaten. Therefore, to say “no” to obesity, we need to remember these words: diversity, appropriate amount, balance and safety. There are five kinds of food in our life, including grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat or other protein rich foods. We should not choose not to eat meat or eggs just because we are afraid of being fat. We should work hard on the amount and types of food we eat. < / P > < p > for example, try to eat cereals, such as brown rice, black rice, barley, rye, oats, quinoa, corn, sorghum, highland barley and other whole grains. It can also use < / P > < p > to increase nutrition reasonably and ensure food diversification. In particular, we should know that the second and third trimester of pregnancy should be supplemented with protein and calcium. How should calcium be replenished? It is generally recommended that pregnant mothers drink 1-2 cups of milk every day to meet the needs of the fetus and pregnant mother for calcium. Some pregnant mothers are intolerant to lactose and have diarrhea or abdominal distension after drinking pure milk. In this case, please choose yogurt. If you are worried about the high calorie of yogurt, you can choose sugar free yogurt. < p > < p > raw shellfish and sashimi, half raw beef, eggs, all belong to the category of raw food, pregnant mothers are advised not to touch. Under the condition of big principle, pregnant mothers can choose the food they like to eat, but avoid high calorie food and gain weight. One of the reasons why pregnant women have to lie down for a long time is to lie fat after pregnancy. Therefore, it is suggested to choose suitable exercises during pregnancy, such as yoga, swimming and walking during pregnancy, and pay attention to ensure the safety of sports. < / P > < p > the weight written after the last pregnancy is not only related to personal image, but also to the health of the fetus and mother. Therefore, try to avoid heavy oil and high heat diet. At the same time, do a good job in pregnancy, follow the doctor’s advice. < p > < p > this article is the original content of this article, focusing on the field of child care, intensive work, silent day shift, to provide more professional science of child care. HEALTHY LIFE