Often hand numbness, or the body is reminding you, 4 kinds of diseases or already on the body

In patients with cerebral arteriosclerosis, hand numbness is a very common symptom. Under normal circumstances, cerebral arteriosclerosis can cause numbness in the fingers of patients, and some people will feel that their hands are not listening to their own command. < / P > < p > after a long period of limb numbness, especially when the numbness is always specific to a certain limb, it is necessary to seek the help of a professional doctor immediately, otherwise it is likely to lead to stroke crisis. < / P > < p > but for most patients with hypertension, when the blood pressure level exceeds a certain range, there will be numbness of the limbs, especially in the process of sleeping. < / P > < p > this is mainly due to the fact that the tissues of patients with hypertension are easy to suffer from insufficient blood supply, especially when the tissue ends are not supplied with sufficient blood supply, they will show numbness and weakness. < / P > < p > when we are in a fixed action for a long time, it will cause numbness of lower limbs. But if you don’t sit too long and still show numbness in your legs, you need to be vigilant. < / P > < p > this kind of performance may mean that you have already suffered from arterial blockage in the leg. This disease will not only cause numbness in the feet, but also lead to the symptoms of cold feet, no matter how warm they are. < / P > < p > when a patient has a stroke problem, he will also show numbness in one side of the limb. In general, a stroke is often sudden and has a negative impact on the behavior of one side of the patient’s limb. Focus