Often heel ache, how to return a responsibility? The “culprit” has been found. Don’t underestimate it

Heel pain is a common phenomenon, generally refers to the heel side or both sides of the pain, will cause varying degrees of walking inconvenience. When the pain is light, as long as a short rest, the pain will disappear, and when it is serious, it will even lead to the patient’s activity disorder. < / P > < p > many people think that heel pain is caused by the friction of shoes. If this happens occasionally, it may be related to shoe discomfort and excessive fatigue. But if heel pain often occurs, then most of it is caused by some diseases. Let’s get to know about it. < / P > < p > calcaneal spur refers to the formation of calcaneal hyperplasia due to cartilage destruction or friction at the heel. The main symptom is heel pain, especially when walking, a little activity will have the feeling of being punctured or stone. The center of the heel, touch with the hand will feel severe pain. In addition, the skin of the pain area will be red and swollen. < / P > < p > if the heel pain is caused by heel bone spur, the patient should be admitted to hospital for diagnosis, and appropriate drug treatment should be selected according to the degree of the disease, combined with physical therapy. We should avoid strenuous exercise in our daily life. Scalding feet with hot water can relieve pain. Patients should control their weight to avoid excessive stress on the heel, which will lead to aggravation of pain. < / P > < p > the main cause of plantar fasciitis is long-term micro injury of the foot. Generally, it occurs in people aged 40-60, mainly athletes, dancers, long-term walking and standing people. The main symptom of the patient is sharp pain in the anteromedial side of the foot root, especially after the activity. But after proper rest or massage, the pain is relieved or disappeared. < / P > < p > after suffering from plantar fasciitis, the patient should immediately stop tiredness, pay attention to rest, and use drugs, massage or traditional Chinese medicine to soak the feet to achieve the effect of eliminating pain, anti-inflammatory and restoring muscle strength. If it is acute plantar fasciitis, patients should immediately rest in bed, and use ice to relieve pain. < / P > < p > when the bone density and quality decline, it will lead to the increase of bone fragility, resulting in osteoporosis, and the elderly are prone to osteoporosis. When osteoporosis occurs, patients can have general pain, bone pain, and easy fracture phenomenon, and when walking, it will also cause heel pain. < / P > < p > when suffering from osteoporosis, should be in the doctor’s advice and guidance, appropriate use of calcium, as well as with other drugs for treatment. In terms of diet, should eat more calcium, as well as protein rich food. < / P > < p > most women like to wear high-heeled shoes. High heeled shoes can make the soles of the feet bear uneven forces, and all the gravity of the body will be placed on the heels. If you stand or walk for a long time, it will lead to heel fascia damage, causing foot fasciitis, then, it will lead to heel pain. In addition, many girls walk faster and walk in an incorrect way, which can easily lead to heel injury and cause heel pain. < / P > < p > if the heel pain is caused by some trauma, the patient needs to go to the hospital in time to check the degree of trauma, and then carry out corresponding treatment according to the condition. During the treatment, shoes with thick, soft and comfortable soles should be selected, and proper rest should be taken. To sum up, there are many causes of heel pain, most of which are related to foot diseases. In addition to the corresponding treatment, patients should pay attention to avoid overload exercise in life. In terms of diet, more calcium rich food should be added. Every night, hot water can be used to soak the feet and massage the feet, which can relieve the heel pain. 08/16/2020