Oncologist: liver cancer “upper body” has “omen” one year ago, many people don’t take it seriously

Liver cancer has always been known for its insidious onset, difficult cure and high mortality. There are more than 800000 new cases of liver cancer in the world every year, and nearly 400000 people die of liver cancer.

among its characteristics, the most worrying is the occult disease. Because the liver itself has no pain nerve distribution, the occurrence of liver disease will not remind us by causing pain like other organs, which is easy to be ignored.

Mr. Liu is a taxi driver. A year ago, his wife found that Mr. Liu had a few red spots on his chest, which didn’t hurt or itch. Mr. Liu didn’t take it seriously.

later, there were more and more small red dots, and the larger ones could clearly see the small blood vessels around them. His wife advised him to have a check-up. Mr. Liu said: it’s estimated that he didn’t sleep well, or he was allergic. There’s no big deal. There’s no need to waste money.

it’s been delayed for a year. One day in the middle of June, Mr. Liu just handed in the car and was ready to go home. Suddenly, he felt a stabbing pain in his abdomen and forced to call for someone to send him to the hospital.

after examination, Mr. Liu had an obvious mass in his liver area, and the alpha fetoprotein in his body was also as high as 875 μ mol / L. he was diagnosed as liver cancer. Because the cancer cells had metastasized, he died after 2 months of treatment.

the hormones in our body are regulated by the liver, especially the estrogen is inactivated by the liver. If the inactivation of estrogen is not timely due to liver lesions, it is easy to cause functional disorder of estrogen metabolism and increase its content.

liver odor includes halitosis, body odor and urine odor caused by liver diseases. It is a very bad and special odor, which is similar to bad eggs and mixed with the sweet smell of fruits.

the source of liver odor is ammonia and methyl mercaptan. Affected by liver diseases, methionine will decompose to produce a large amount of ammonia and methyl mercaptan, which will be discharged with respiration, sweat and urine to form liver odor.

if the liver is not good, the transformation, metabolism and uptake of bilirubin in the body will be affected, resulting in the increase of its content. This neurotoxin itself is yellow. After the content exceeds the standard, it will show its color through the mucous membrane and skin, resulting in sclera yellowing and skin yellowing.

Huaiju is the best chrysanthemum. The famous subspecies of Huaiju is also known as “aristocrat in Chrysanthemum”. It is produced in Huaiqing Prefecture since ancient times and rich in liver nourishing ingredients.

exercise is particularly important for liver health. Regular exercise can accelerate metabolism and increase fat consumption, which helps to reduce the metabolic burden of liver and protect liver from damage.

secondly, exercise is a good way to improve the activity of organs. Regular exercise can exercise the activity of liver, which can better resist the damage of external bacteria, protect health, and protect the liver itself.

in addition, traditional Chinese medicine also has the saying of “Qingru Ganjing”. Often eating green vegetables can also help the circulation and relaxation of liver qi, and prevent liver qi stagnation from damaging the liver. Focus