Oncologist: there are several “detours” on the anti-cancer road. If we can avoid them, we may prolong the survival period

Disease has always been a stumbling block in the history of human life, often because of these diseases let people’s lives end quietly. Cancer is the hardest and most difficult stumbling block. When patients know that they are suffering from cancer, they will certainly look for a variety of treatment methods. The road to anti-cancer is difficult. If there is a “detour” on the road, the tumor patients can avoid it in time, which may prolong the survival of patients. < / P > < p > the first detour, procrastination. Many tumor patients are always reluctant to go to the hospital for examination at the early stage of the disease, and always think it’s better to bear it. This gives the tumor the opportunity to develop and constantly expand itself. When the patients can’t stand it, they begin to go to the hospital for examination. It can be imagined that the examination results are generally not very good, and a large part of them have reached the advanced stage of cancer. In this way, we missed the best time for tumor treatment, brought a lot of difficulties to the later treatment, and also brought great harm to our body. < / P > < p > through clinical data, it is found that many middle-aged and elderly patients have advanced cancer because of delay. Many friends are worried about the waste of money. In fact, if you have abnormal symptoms, it’s the best choice to go to the hospital for examination. If it’s just a small disease, you can treat it to prevent it from leading to a big disease. If the examination is a tumor, it can be contained in the early stage of the tumor to prevent its growth, which will also bring great convenience to the treatment of patients’ friends. Therefore, the first detour that cancer patients avoid on the road of anti-cancer is procrastination. < / P > < p > the second detour, do you have to do surgery when you get a tumor? Surgical resection of tumor is an important treatment for tumor. If the tumor is resected in the early stage, there will be few cancer cells left in the body. In a relatively short period of time, these cancer cells will not proliferate rapidly and can be well controlled. But if tumors can be treated in this way, it’s really great that people finally find a cure for cancer. < / P > < p > but is this the reality? Obviously not. Many cancer patients have different physical conditions, and their cancer symptoms are different, so their treatment methods are also different. So don’t think surgery is the best choice. It’s the best choice to follow the doctor’s advice. < / P > < p > the third detour, do not listen to the doctor’s advice. Patients with cancer, not only patients feel uncomfortable, but also a blow to their families. Clinically, we can see many cases in which patients and their families do not cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. For example, some tumors only need chemotherapy, but the patients and their families just don’t agree. They have to undergo surgery or require more chemotherapy. Such excessive intervention is also harmful to the patients. < / P > < p > therefore, when treating patients, don’t interfere with the doctor’s treatment, and don’t always think that the treatment method given by the doctor is not in your mind. The doctor makes the treatment plan according to your physical condition. I believe the doctor will cooperate with the treatment, and your body will gradually get better under the treatment. PARRENT&CHILDREN