One of the two sisters gave birth to a baby at the age of 20 and the other at the age of 40

Xinxin has been doing well since she was a child. She studied in famous universities from undergraduate to doctoral. Her sister firmly believed that “reading is useless”. After graduating from high school, she left home and went to the world. She was only 18 years old that year.

when Niannian was working, he got to know his husband. Later, because of pregnancy, the two families got married in a hurry. Niannian gave birth to her daughter when she was 20 years old, and gave birth to ER Bao a few years later. She has been a stay at home mother, relying on her husband to support her family.

I met my husband when I was studying for a doctoral degree. After graduation, they got married. They decided to fight for their career first and have children later. After years of hard work, they both became senior executives of the company and bought the best cars and houses.

Xinxin planned to have a child when she was 37, but it was difficult to conceive. She didn’t give birth to a son until she was 40. At that time, her sister’s daughter was 20 years old and her son was still crying.

the Mid Autumn Festival is a reunion. The two sisters sit together and chat. When they talk about their children, they all sigh. Niannian envies her elder sister for her high education and economic independence. Her husband is close to her and has a harmonious family. She doesn’t worry about daily necessities. She doesn’t go around her children and watch her husband and mother-in-law’s face every day.

and Xinxin sighed: “it’s really bad to have a baby when I’m old. I finally got pregnant. I had a lot of bleeding when I had a baby. I went to hell to take care of the baby. My mother and mother-in-law are too old to help. I can’t stand the trouble at my age. I can only ask someone to take care of it.”

“when I go out with my baby, people think I’m the baby’s grandmother! How are you? Now the two children are so old. When the children work, you can relax. It will take me more than 20 years! ”

the most obvious difference between 20-year-old baby and 40 year-old baby is Baoma’s physical recovery. Early birth, Baoma’s physical and mental state are in the “exuberant period”, postpartum recovery is very fast. When the baby is born too late, especially when Xinxin is 40 years old, all aspects of her body are in a state of weakness. It is easy to have dystocia and other risks during childbirth, and it is even more difficult to recover.

the egg quality of young women is much better than that of old women, and young pregnant women are healthier. Therefore, the quality of babies born by young pregnant women is much higher than that born by old women, especially in health. Elderly mothers are prone to give birth to abnormal fetuses or cause complications such as baby weakness, which is not conducive to the health of the baby.

there is a huge difference between parents who give birth early and those who give birth late in their children’s education. Born at the age of 20, Baoma has not received or is receiving higher education. As a child, she is unprepared or inexperienced in caring for and educating her children, so she grows up with her children.

Baoma, who only gave birth to her baby at the age of 40, has more life experience or higher education level, and has more advantages in educating her children, but may lack the vitality and energy of young Baoma.

there is a scientific basis for the age of 25 to 30 to have children. At this time, young women have high quality and large number of eggs, and the risk of complications induced by childbirth is the lowest. And women’s uterus and birth canal are also in the best state, can easily achieve natural childbirth, postpartum recovery is faster, the baby is more healthy!

in addition, women in this age group are young and energetic. They have the ability to bear the burden of having a baby and taking care of a baby. No matter how hard they work, they can survive. But after the age of 30, women’s body began to eat, stay up for a long time to slow down, with baby is a long-term double hit!

suppose that a girl is 23 years old after graduating from university and gets married at 25 years old after working for two years. At this time, her work, emotion and economy are relatively stable. It is a very good choice to have a child before the age of 30. After all, energy, education have more advantages. Focus