“One second heaven” painless childbirth, turn off the switch of maternal pain, but why rarely use

Li Yinhe, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once said: whether maternal childbirth is painful or not reflects the civilization of a society. To relieve the pain of the puerpera is to respect the individual life, and also reflects a kind of fertility civilization.

I saw a question like this: one day and one night of childbirth, I was in despair because of pain, but my husband insisted on giving birth naturally and hated him more than ever. How can I cure my psychological trauma?

this Baoma was particularly afraid of pain. At that time, the child circled her neck for two and a half weeks, and the doctor said that she would not give a caesarean section. After a painful day and night in the hospital, she proposed to give birth without pain, but her husband did not agree to insist on giving birth naturally, for fear that the drug would enter the body and endanger the life and health of the mother and baby.

she bit the pillow in the hospital and soaked the sheet and quilt cover. If it wasn’t for her family, she would have jumped downstairs to seek relief. That kind of despair and helplessness made her hate her husband so much that she decided to divorce after giving birth.

after childbirth, Bao Ma got depression and had a lot of quarrels. Although the marriage has not been divorced and life is still running as usual, I still hate my husband every time I mention the issue of having a child, and I will never have a second child. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

painless childbirth is also known as labor analgesia in medicine. Doctors will take targeted measures according to the actual situation of pregnant women to reduce the pain of childbirth.

one is drug method, the other is non drug method. Our daily painless childbirth, is through the use of analgesics and drugs, to help mothers alleviate or even eliminate the pain of childbirth.

the prevalence rate of painless childbirth in the United States is as high as 90%. Up to now, only about 10% of Chinese mothers can enjoy painless childbirth.

mothers who have experienced this experience describe painless childbirth as “turning off the pain switch instantly” and “it’s like going from hell to heaven”.

since painless childbirth is so effective, why do Chinese seldom use it? Not even many people have heard of it? Most of them originate from the deep misunderstanding of Chinese people.

in developed countries in Europe and America, the proportion of anesthesiologists can reach 2.5 per 10000 people. In China, there were 76000 anesthesiologists in 2018, with an average of only 0.5 anesthesiologists per 10000 people; until now, the number of anesthesiologists is expected to exceed 90000, the corresponding number of anesthesiologists per 10000 people is increased to 0.65, and the number of gaps has reached 300000.

painless delivery needs professional anesthesiologists. Some hospitals can’t provide it because of conditions. Even if there are anesthesiologists, they will give priority to large-scale operations such as caesarean section.

the anesthesiologist doesn’t finish with one injection. He still needs to stay for a period of time to observe whether the patient has abnormal reactions during the operation. Think about it. When the anesthesiologist finishes another operation, you may have finished your birth.

for ordinary families, an injection costs thousands of yuan, which is really hard to bear. Moreover, considering the various expenses after the birth of the child, they can only flinch from this high cost.

the concept of the elderly in the family is relatively traditional and old-fashioned. Both the man and the woman’s mother put up with it in those years. In their opinion, the pain of giving birth is what women should bear.

in addition to the inherent traditional consciousness of the Chinese people, the acceptance level is low. There are so many rumors about painless childbirth, which threaten the health of the baby.

only if the parturient wants to give birth painlessly, and the family doesn’t agree with it, it will be “the arm can’t twist the thigh”, and the parturient’s heartbreaking pain and pleading can’t move this group of people.

painless childbirth is a good news brought to women by modern medicine, and we should gladly accept the achievements of this advanced science and technology. And the people around the puerpera should broaden their acceptance, abandon the pedantic old ideas, believe in science, and think for the sake of the puerpera.

what do you think of “painless childbirth”? Have you ever used or will you use “painless childbirth” in the future? Welcome to share and discuss. Pets