One thing, four uses! The four methods of tonifying water, purging fire, clearing lung and dredging tendons are also used

The nature of the creation of magic, give us a lot of delicious, but also arrange a lot of things to ensure our health. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many from nature, from food. It is estimated that no one can tell exactly how much the specific quantity of traditional Chinese medicine is. Because the useless things have become the “medicine” to cure the disease and save people at the right time. In addition, even the food we eat every day has certain medicinal value. < / P > < p > in the vast list of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a plant, which can be regarded as a very “magical” plant. It has four therapeutic methods of “tonifying, releasing, clearing and unblocking”. Some friends who have basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine all know that “tonifying” and “discharging” are diametrically opposite concepts, “reinforcing” is reinforcing deficiency, and “discharging” is reducing excess. One is “less” originally, the other is “more”. And “Qing” and “Tong” are also different. “Qing” mainly refers to things with cold and cool nature and flavor, which is used to clear away heat and heat; while “Tong” is mostly pungent and warm in nature, which is used to dredge tendons and activate collaterals. As a result, tonic and cathartic functions are quite opposite, and Qingtong is also a set of opposite functions. All these four ordinary functions can only be achieved by careful compatibility. They are all possessed by one kind of plant, namely mulberry. < p > < p > water is Yin viscera, which contains Yuanyang and Yuanyin. There are many traditional Chinese medicine and food for nourishing Yin water, such as wolfberry, Dayun, raspberry and so on. The fruit of mulberry is called “mulberry”. It is purple black in appearance, sweet and astringent in taste, sweet and cold in nature. It has the functions of nourishing liver and nourishing kidney, black hair and eyesight, promoting body fluid and moistening dryness. In late spring and early summer, fresh fruits can be eaten directly or dried in the sun. Dried fruits can be used to soak in water and often be soaked in wine. They are very good nourishing food and are suitable for health preservation. < / P > < p > mulberry bark, commonly known as the white skin of mulberry root, is the white skin of mulberry root. It is sweet and cold in nature and enters the two channels of lung and spleen. It is mainly to clear away the lung heat. Sanggen white skin is often used to boil water. It is very good for blazing lung fire, coughing and phlegm sticking. < p > < p > for example, the fire and heat in the lung can cause the loss of lung function, edema and asthma due to blocked water channels, and mulberry bark is very suitable. Because it is the skin of “mulberry root”, it goes deep into the soil and is naturally exposed to cold and overcast air, so it is used to vent fire. < p > < p > don’t think that mulberry peel purging fire and mulberry leaf clearing lung are the same concept, they are different. Mulberry peel purging fire is more suitable for lung fire; while mulberry leaf clearing lung, mainly wind heat and dry heat is more appropriate, especially in autumn, a common syndrome called “warm dryness”, mulberry apricot soup is to mulberry leaves as the monarch. Therefore, mulberry leaf is mainly used to clear lung, so it is called “clearing lung”. If possible, you can pick fresh mulberry leaves by yourself. After drying in the sun, you can use it to soak in water in autumn. It is very good to prevent autumn dryness. Not all mulberry branches can be called “mulberry branches”. The so-called mulberry branch refers to the “tender” branch of mulberry tree, which is generally the branch of that year, which is relatively soft and loose after drying in the sun. According to traditional Chinese medicine, mulberry twigs are bitter and smooth in nature and can dispel wind and dampness, dredge tendons and activate collaterals. It is especially suitable for rheumatism to block upper limb joints. Mulberry branches can also be picked by themselves. When picking, remember to choose which kind of twigs, cut them into oblique slices when they are fresh, and then dry them in the sun. Upper limb rheumatism can be used to boil water, drink, wash can. < p > < p > in short, mulberry trees can be said to be “treasure all over the body”. From “leaves, fruits, branches and bark” to “mulberry leaves, mulberry, mulberry branches and mulberry white bark”, one can perform “four duties”, not to mention, there are two groups of completely opposite functions, which are rare in many Chinese herbal medicines. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!