One white cover three ugly, to high beauty, whitening and sunscreen to go first

Zheng Shuang is a favorite star of many netizens, with white skin, beautiful appearance, bright and vivid. Many girls will envy her face full of vitality, and would like to have such delicate and white skin as she does. Especially in the hot summer, strong ultraviolet is the natural enemy of the skin, many girls will tan, how to defend its invasion? Like Zheng Shuang, to be a goddess of frozen age? < p > < p > although Zheng Shuang has natural whitening skin, she will also try her best to choose good cosmetics for her skin. What kind of cosmetics should girls use in order to make themselves white and young forever? In fact, in summer, sunscreen is the best choice and protection for skin. The most important thing in skin care is sunscreen. Many fashionable women will say that sunscreen is the key to keep skin bright and white. < / P > < p > most people think that if you want to have a good skin, you need to use expensive skin care products. In fact, it’s not the case. They all ignore the importance of sunscreen. To know, that is to use expensive skin care products, as long as the sun is not in place, with what is white. Ultraviolet rays are the biggest culprit of aging our skin. < / P > < p > the second is sleep. If you often stay up late and don’t do a good job of sun protection, your skin is absolutely not so good. You will question, where did your skin care money go, why can’t you see a little effect on your skin? Little do not know, stay up late do not have a good rest, lazy do not apply sunscreen is unable to get good results. As the saying goes, raising children does not prevent aging, sun protection is the only way to prevent aging, which is very reasonable. When you choose the right sunscreen, and then pay attention to sleep, your skin is certainly not bad where to go. You will find a lot of skin problems. Of course, sunscreen selection is also very particular. We should choose PA3 + and sunscreen with appropriate sun protection index to better protect the sun. < / P > < p > for example, if you are in the office, you can choose a sunscreen with a low SPF. But if you’re outdoors for a long time, choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF. Moreover, don’t think that you don’t need to apply sunscreen in winter, cloudy or rainy days. In fact, ultraviolet rays exist all the year round, so you should always apply sunscreen. < / P > < p > beauty needs to be taken care of. As long as there is light, there must be sun protection. If you persist in this way, you will find that you are much younger than your peers, and your skin will be much better. Only in this way can you have whitening skin and add more points to your beauty. What do you think of it? Welcome to comment. 08/16/2020