One year after cesarean section, the woman became pregnant again. Her family advised her to give up, but she used Lisa Jiang’s story to refute

Pregnant in October, once childbirth, this is every pregnant mother must go through the process. Around us, many pregnant mothers, unwilling to suffer from the pain of childbirth, prefer to get a knife in the stomach and use external force to welcome the baby. Although she avoided childbirth pain, she couldn’t avoid all kinds of discomfort after the operation, which brought burden and pressure to her body and soul. < / P > < p > both Ms. Luo and her husband are from one-child families. Since childhood, they have envied that others have brothers and sisters. Therefore, both of them have plans to have two children and let them be companions from childhood. A year ago, she gave birth to a daughter. Because Ms. Luo was not in the right position when she was pregnant with her first child, she adopted the method of caesarean section. The doctor stressed that in order to ensure her health, she could not get pregnant until two years later. < / P > < p > but just one year after cesarean section, Ms. Luo was pregnant with a second child. When her family learned of the situation, they all advised her not to have a baby. After all, her health has not fully recovered, and having a second child is too harmful to her body. But she insisted on having a second child. Taking Lisa Jiang, the wife of actor Chen Haomin, for example, she said, “it’s OK for people to have a fourth child in five years, and now they are still living a happy life I’ve just had a caesarean section, so I don’t have to make a mountain out of a molehill! ” < / P > < p > when Mrs. Luo’s mother saw her daughter so stubborn and anxious, if she didn’t persuade her daughter to give up her second child, it would be more dangerous when the baby grew up. She thought of Lisa Jiang mentioned by her daughter. She searched the information of Lisa Jiang from the Internet and found that Lisa Jiang looked much more haggard after childbirth than her peers. She downloaded these photos one by one and took them to Ms. Luo. She told her daughter that this was the price of having four births in five years. Although her daughter only had two births, the operation interval was too short, which would also cause great harm to her body. Now, we have to hurry There’s still time to give up the second child. < / P > < p > after listening to her mother’s tearful persuasion, Ms. Luo suddenly realized that her willfulness was a hidden danger for her health, and finally agreed to give up her second child. < / P > < p > cesarean section is a surgical operation to deliver a baby through incision of Baoma’s abdomen and uterus. Because it can relieve the pain of natural childbirth, it was once sought after by Baoma. However, with the full understanding of natural childbirth and the benefits of natural childbirth, more and more people choose natural childbirth. This is because caesarean section does great harm to women’s health. < / P > < p > generally, on the first day after cesarean section, Baoma needs to turn over more to help exhaust as soon as possible. On the second day after the operation, in order to promote the blood circulation of Baoma’s lower limbs, she needs to get out of bed for simple activities. Although this is completed with the help of her family, walking in the case that the knife edge has not healed will inevitably make the knife edge painful due to pulling. < p > < p > in order to take out the fetus, the integrity of the womb needs to be destroyed during the caesarean section of Baoma. It takes at least two years for the wound to return to normal. At the same time, cesarean section is prone to complications, causing local infection or inflammation. < / P > < p > using natural childbirth will do less harm to Baoma’s body, so the body will recover faster. However, caesarean section needs longer time for wound healing due to the intervention of external force to cut Baoma’s abdomen and uterus, so the body recovery is relatively slow and the cycle is relatively long. Doctors generally recommend that it is best to get pregnant after two years. < / P > < p > on the one hand, Baoma has to take care of the infant in the infancy, on the other hand, she has to take care of herself in the recovery period. Sometimes, because of physical discomfort, family indifference or incomprehension, and the hard work of taking care of the child, Baoma is easy to think wildly. If she is not given timely guidance, it is easy to cause serious psychological problems, such as postpartum depression. < / P > < p > every Baoma who has given birth to a child has gone through the gate of death, most of them have successfully broken through the gate, and a few of them are trapped in it. There must be reasons for the existence of cesarean section, because it is a man-made operation, it is bound to fail, so there is a certain risk of cesarean section, and Baoma has to bear the postoperative pain and long recovery, as well as psychological adaptation after the operation. Therefore, Baoma had better follow the doctor’s advice, do not rush to have a second child, please remember: good health is the foundation of everything, wish all Baoma can be safe and healthy! PARRENT&CHILDREN