“Open finger” to 10, not just a number, mother should correctly understand the professional terms of doctors

After Xiaoshui finished, the child told me that I was very embarrassed when I had a natural birth. I couldn’t understand what the doctor said. In fact, it can’t be blamed for Xiaoshui. After all, when she was pregnant, her husband was busy all the time. Xiaoshui didn’t know this very well. However, the father of the child is not the same. He learned a lot of knowledge during pregnancy. Of course, not only the father but also the mother also needs to know this knowledge. Generally speaking, a pregnant mother needs to go through three processes when giving birth. First of all, the mouth of the uterus needs to be opened, that is to say, opening ten fingers. This is the best time to give birth. Then after the operation, the baby is born. Finally, the doctor has to take out the placenta. After all these three processes are completed, the whole production process will be finished >Compared with the other two processes, the first process takes more time. If it is the first child, the pregnant mother needs to spend about 10 hours. < / P > < p > although it is called to open ten fingers, it is not to insert all ten fingers in, but 10 cm. When it is opened to 10 cm, it is the best time to give birth. < / P > < p > the incubation period refers to the opening of one finger to three fingers at the mouth of the uterus of the pregnant mother. At the time of one finger, it indicates that the pregnant mother is ready to give birth, but has not yet entered the hospital. At this time, many pregnant women will feel very nervous, but it is not necessary. < / P > < p > the active phase refers to the opening of three fingers to the opening of ten fingers. After the incubation period, it is the active period. This period is different from the incubation period, and the pain of the pregnant mother in the incubation period is relatively less. < / P > < p > in the delivery room, we often hear the pregnant mother crying with pain. In fact, this is also a normal phenomenon. It takes a long time to open the finger, especially exhausting physical strength. Therefore, in order to save our physical strength, we should try not to cry loudly all the time, and we should keep our emotions calm. And eat less greasy food. Because in the process of childbirth, the pregnant mother will consume a lot of physical strength, because the pain will cause a lot of sweating. In order to reduce the dehydration of pregnant mother during the operation, it is necessary to supplement energy and water in daily life. Throughout the ages, giving birth to a child is a very painful thing. It is very difficult for a pregnant mother to insist on giving birth to the child. Therefore, we should give adequate care to the pregnant mother before or after pregnancy. 08/16/2020