Operation can make small Ding “long” big, how much do you know?

This kind of operation can achieve true lengthening, that is to say, the increase of Tintin can be achieved after erection. But this kind of operation has great damage to Ding Ding, and it is easy to have erectile dysfunction in later stage, so few people choose this kind of operation. < p > < p > pseudo lengthening: this kind of lengthening is not really lengthening. The operation is mainly to loosen the shallow and deep suspended ligaments of penis, so as to increase the length of penile ptosis and achieve the extension of appearance. < / P > < p > one is to cut the tunica albuginea and use related materials to achieve the effect of thickening the circumference. And this kind of operation may also cause greater injury, resulting in erectile dysfunction. < / P > < p > penile enlargement surgery is not suitable for all people, it is very strict for patients. However, it is not recommended to perform this operation in men with normal length of Tintin. This operation has high requirements for medical equipment, medical environment and the skill level of the chief surgeon. If you are a little careless, it will lead to serious consequences! Information sharing for epilepsy patients