Orthopedic doctors have repeatedly reminded: the knee joint is always “click”, it is not ruled out that there is something wrong with the joint

Many people will ask, why does the joint appear “click” sound? Is there something wrong with the knee? Many people will not dare to exercise after hearing this sound, and eventually lead to knee disease.

in fact, orthopedic doctors can tell you that the reason why knee joint often makes such noises is that there is a small space in the knee joint, which contains some gas. When the joint moves, the sound of gas diffusion will appear, which sounds like a click.

in fact, many people have such sounds. When people sit or stay still for a long time, people suddenly move their knee joints, which is very easy to appear. However, when such a sound appears, it does not bring knee pain. When it is red and swollen, it means that there is no problem with the knee, and there is no need for too much attention and normal life Just move.

meniscus injury is a common disease. A lot of patients with abnormal knee noise are caused by meniscus injury. These situations often appear in people who need a lot of labor or play basketball every day. Persistent meniscus injury can cause joint pain, which can be unbearable during activities or daily walking.

with the aging of bone and joint, articular cartilage will also be damaged, which is very easy for the knee joint to have a click sound. Especially in the middle stage of osteoarthritis, cartilage damage is serious, slight activity will cause joint noise, and there will be strong knee pain.

the third cause of knee joint noise is patellar abnormality. A lot of people don’t know where the patella is. If you keep your legs upright, there will be a protruding bone at the knee. This is the patella. Many people will walk, the patella suddenly dislocation, at this time, there will not be pain, but the leg suddenly no strength, the knee will also make a sound.

when this happens, don’t be careless and consult the doctor in time. Don’t think that there is nothing wrong with the leg because the leg doesn’t hurt, and don’t break the patella casually after discovering the dislocation.

when you often have such joint clattering, accompanied by knee or leg discomfort and pain, you should go to the hospital for treatment. What you don’t know can be easily detected by doctors. Many doctors will find that some patients because they do not pay attention to, leading to serious joint damage, irreparable, heartbreaking.

I would like to remind you that scientific exercise should be carried out during daily exercise. If you need to maintain high-intensity exercise for a long time, you should do a good job in protecting the knee joint. When there is a sound of knee joint, carefully distinguish whether there is pain.

a few simple movements can also be used to determine whether there is a disease in the knee. For example, when climbing stairs, will knee ache? After getting up in the morning, will the knee be stiff for a period of time; after being stimulated by cold wind, will there be obvious joint pain. If so, please go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time, and don’t let orthopedic doctors worry about you in vain. 08/17/2020