Our new crown vaccine line monthly! How long can it work after inoculation and how long is the protection period? Let’s see what the experts say

On September 15, CCTV program on line interviewed Wu Guizhen, chief biosafety expert of China Center for Disease Control and prevention. In response to the question of how long ordinary people can get the new coronal vaccine, Wu Guizhen said that in November or December, ordinary people can be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is not long enough because the time of vaccine development is not long, Wu Guizhen said. The effect of the vaccine is

. According to the past experience and the results of previous studies, it is expected that the effect will take about 1 to 3 years. Because of the short time, we are still observing. < / P > < p > at the same time, heavy news is coming from overseas. On September 14, local time, the Minister of health and prevention of the United Arab Emirates, abdullahman & middot; Ovis said China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine developed recently in China has completed the clinical trial in UAE. The results showed that the vaccine was safe and effective. The vaccinated target not only produced antibodies against the new crown pneumonia virus, but also had no obvious side effects. The vaccine safety was guaranteed. The UAE government has approved the use of the new crown vaccine in front-line medical staff. President trump of the United States has no scruples about it. The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine will be developed in the United States within a few weeks, he said on Tuesday. To this end, the United States concept of anti epidemic stocks before the storm. Equillium rose by more than 21%, Novavax pharmaceuticals by nearly 7%, biontech Se by more than 4%, and AstraZeneca by nearly 3%. Focus