“Outer spot a, inner spot a nest”, long spot people remember: do three things, face less spots

Children’s face grow a few small freckles, we will say that it is lovely. However, for adults, especially for women, these spots on their faces have become a worry in their hearts. They have tried all kinds of methods to avoid the spread of the spots. < / P > < p > we often say the old saying “one spot on the outside, one spot on the inside”. This saying actually explains why you have used so many methods, but you still can’t fade the spots. This is because, although you have only a small spot on your face, a large area of melanin has been hidden in the basal layer of your skin. If you just use the method of skin surface cleaning, naturally you can’t clean up the melanin in the dermis, and the spots will naturally not fade. < / P > < p > the various spots on the face can not be completely eradicated in a short time, but it is also possible to have healthy and fair skin by finding appropriate conditioning and improvement methods. However, before choosing the appropriate freckle method, we must understand the type of long spots on your face. < p > < p > the exposed skin is prone to erythema, edema and other symptoms after exposure to the sun, followed by desquamation and skin pigmentation. Sunburn is formed by sunlight or other light irradiation, which is an acute injury reaction of skin caused by strong light. So if you don’t pay attention to sunscreen, or do not apply sunscreen in time, it will cause excessive pigmentation, leaving sunburn on the skin. < p > < p > freckles are generally related to heredity. They are distributed on both sides of the cheek and at the tip of the nose. As you grow older, it will become shallower or deeper depending on your physical condition, usually concentrated around the nose and the cheekbones. Chloasma is also called Phalaenopsis and pregnancy spot. Chloasma is easily caused by pregnancy, oral contraceptives, gynecological diseases, early warning and dysmenorrhea. This is the result of increased and combined effects of estrogen and progesterone. So chloasma with the body endocrine, ovarian, pituitary, thyroid and other endocrine disorders related. Some women in pregnancy, chloasma will disappear, but there are also some women, in the appearance of chloasma, because they do not pay attention to sun protection, resulting in melanocyte proliferation, melasma gradually deepened, once the chloasma aggravated, it is difficult to disappear. < / P > < p > generally speaking, freckles are caused by heredity. For hereditary spots, laser treatment can be used. However, after laser treatment, skin damage is more serious, and the repair period is longer. If the postoperative care is not proper, Hetong will easily cause skin redness and allergy. Therefore, freckles female friends should be cautious. Sunburn and chloasma are acquired spots, so the treatment method is more complex. We should not only do a good job in daily protection, but also do a good job in internal conditioning to remove the “internal spots” in the skin.

smear sunscreen before going out, do not expose your skin to sunlight, do mask once a week, and remove stubborn melanin. Do a facial massage every morning to promote skin metabolism. Eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, soymilk and milk, defecate regularly every day, and maintain adequate sleep and good mood, which can make chloasma subside in time. < / P > < p > daily can eat powder box deer embryo powder conditioning, can through the hypothalamus, pituitary and other endocrine organs fine regulation, improve the level of sex hormone secretion, automatic balance hormone, reduce the stimulation of melanin, reduce the secretion of melanin, gradually make the skin dermis melanin metabolism in vitro, realize the spot desalination. In addition, deer embryo powder can also improve the skin moisture, rebuild the function of sebum membrane, restore the balance of water and oil, complete the barrier function of damaged skin, and improve the immune ability of skin. < / P > < p > women with white and dry skin are more high-risk skin with long spots. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in moisturizing the skin and balance the moisture of the skin, so as to ensure normal skin metabolism and avoid pigment precipitation. Especially before going to bed at night, we must do a good job of skin water replenishment, so that the skin can fully absorb nutrition. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so