Parents meeting touching scene: children perform hand dance, parents smile and cry

These days, a small video of a primary school student performing a hand dance in the classroom to see their parents crying is spreading on the Internet. “Give you a little star, send you a flower…” In the video, children stand in front of their parents, gesturing, singing seriously, and bending down to thank their parents. A mother began to look at the child with a smile, and then wiped her tears; a father lowered his head and wept with his hands. Yesterday, the Yangzi Evening News / Ziniu news reporter found Xu Mei, the video photographer and event organizer, and learned about the behind the scenes story of this “tear lesson” According to the reporter’s interview, on November 20, a wonderful “tear lesson” was held in class 3 of Gaoyou high tech Zone Experimental School. Xu Mei is a class teacher of class three. She is a senior teacher with nearly 30 years’ teaching experience and more than 20 years’ experience as a class teacher. She said that children usually don’t express their gratitude in the form of songs or dances. She wants to teach children gratitude and understand the contribution of adults through this way. Before the hand dance performance, Mr. Xu asked the parents to watch the video of the children singing the class songs and feel the warm and harmonious class atmosphere of class three. Next, the teacher asked the parents to sit in their children’s seats. The children stood in front of their parents and performed hand dance to express their thanks to their parents. < / P > < p > the children face their parents and dance with their hands to music, including some sign language and some lovely body movements. Facing their parents, the children showed sincere thanks in their eyes. They separated, gathered and compared their hearts with their hands. For a moment, they pointed to their chest, while they nodded, holding their faces in their palms, turning into a flower and bending down to thank them. Young children’s voice, neat movements, serious expression, especially strong appeal, it can be seen that they are all carefully practiced in advance, accompanied by serious performance of music, directly hit the hearts of adults. < / P > < p > at the beginning, many parents enjoyed their children’s performance with a smile. Some parents couldn’t help but compare their actions with their children, and some parents took pictures of their children’s lovely appearance with their mobile phones. But looking at it, many parents’ expressions and movements changed, laughing and crying. One of the fathers lowered his head, covered his face with his hand and kept wiping the tears on his face < / P > < p > “I didn’t expect that the field effect was so good. The students sing very seriously and perform in a proper way; the parents look in and show their true feelings. A lot of parents moved their feelings, some even cried, and I couldn’t hold back my tears Xu Mei told reporters. < / P > < p > “the teacher didn’t say that there would be such a link. I didn’t know such an arrangement. The school and the teachers really put their heart into it. We were surprised and moved by this performance. We saw the healthy growth of children and saw different children. ” A parent told reporters. < p > < p > the reporter noticed that the small videos uploaded on the Internet also moved many netizens. Looking at the “father covering his face” sitting in the first row of the camera, netizens wrote: “tears can’t help but cry across the screen”, “I understand the difficulty of parents”, “I have no children, and I cry bitterly.” the tearful father must be very gentle and loves his daughter. < / P > < p > “the required actions of the open campus day are class culture display and home school exchange activities. I want to surprise parents with my children.” Xu Mei told reporters that the school will hold a 10-year-old growth ceremony for the third grade students every year. “The third grade children are generally ten years old, which is the most carefree age for children. We should teach them to be grateful, thank their parents for their kindness, and plant seeds of gratitude in their hearts.” “I’m a Chinese teacher, and I like dancing and singing very much. After repeated comparison, I think gesture dance is very suitable for children’s performance and also very suitable for campus open day. I’m grateful to my parents and rehearsed with my music teacher. The children are very attentive in rehearsal. It took two classes to achieve the effect in the video Xu Mei told reporters that she has been trying to nourish students “outside of their homework” and let them know that their parents are not easy. They should study hard at school and respect their elders at home. I think it’s also because the society needs such a positive energy, and I hope everyone can stick to the positive energy in their hearts. ” According to the reporter’s interview, none of the parents of 40 students in class 3 was absent. A student only came to a parent, many did not come to know the situation, called the teacher or sent text messages, said a little sorry, missed such a touching scene. “There was a child in the class, and the parent was his father. After that, the mother of the child called me again and sent me a text message, saying,” I was moved to tears across the screen. ” Xu Mei said. < p > < p > the reporter learned that the name of Ji, who impressed netizens most deeply, was Ji. His daughter secretly told the teacher that his father went to work overtime as soon as he left school. Although he seldom accompanied him, he loved himself very much. She also said to the teacher, dad is actually very strong, because he was too moved to tears. < / P > < p > yesterday, the reporter found Mr. Ji, the father of Xiao Ji, who worked in an enterprise in Gaoyou hi tech Zone. He told reporters that he was busy at ordinary times. The unit worked overtime more and contacted children less. He left early and returned late every day. Often, the child didn’t wake up when he left, but he fell asleep when he came back. < / P > < p > “it’s really good to hold such activities in school. I’ve never had such an interaction with my children. I feel that we are more intimate.” Master Ji told reporters that it was precisely because he seldom accompanied the children at ordinary times, so he specially asked for leave to participate in the activities, just to make up for it. “It is said that men have tears, but they can’t help it at that time. They feel too little with their children. They feel guilty and touch the tears. Of course, more is to see the daughter grow up, sensible, too happy, so shed tears Associate Professor Wu Linbin of Yangzhou University has made great achievements in the study of student problems, moral education and social phenomena. He believes that this short video is eye-catching because it touches people. Parents in the eyes of children grow up, understand gratitude, this is the sign of growth. What is filial piety? Filial piety is the feeling of gratitude that comes from understanding parents’ love for themselves. A child who knows how to be filial and grateful to his parents will gradually learn to be responsible for himself, his family and the society, do what he should do and take a healthy growth path. The school combines art education and moral education, and integrates family education and school education. It has achieved good results and is worthy of praise. ” < / P > < p > “in terms of parent-child communication, families and parents have a lot to do.” Wu told reporters that the best gift parents give their children is a warm family atmosphere, so that the family can have more singing, laughter and reading. Don’t always talk about exams, grades and rankings with your children. You should pay more attention to children’s physical and mental health, habit development and personality shaping. We should learn to listen to the voice of children and change one-way instillation into two-way interaction. 08/16/2020