Peeking at your beautification tips, my skin is full

Every time I come back from vacation, my friends and you who don’t even want to wash your face when I go home are different. Your skin becomes plump and clear, and your whole life is full of vitality! Learn a few tricks from Ba Jie, you can also be praised as “ouch, not bad”!

dry skin, except for water shortage, may also be caused by insufficient oil. At this time, more water will be lost quickly. Therefore, you need a bottle of skin care essence oil.

many essential oils contain plant squalane, which is also a component of the skin itself. It can form a breathable protective film on the surface of the skin, which helps prevent dry skin and moisturizing skin. Bajie suggests that you can choose fresh skin care oil for oily skin, and mild products for dry skin and sensitive skin.

before using, warm the skin care oil in the palm for a few seconds, and then use it again. The absorption effect is doubled. Drop a few drops in the emulsion, cream, oh, can better lock moisture, nourish the skin.

the texture is silky and comfortable on the face. Before use, gently shake the bottle and fully mix the water and oil ratio. It is the first step of skin care in the morning, which helps to restore the skin’s moisture and luster. At night, it can nourish the skin and repair it intensively. In addition to the face, hair, neck, body and lips and other easy to dry parts can be applied. Long term persistence, let the skin soft to love.

contains plant extract, which is easy to absorb and not greasy on the face. Gently press it on the face to relieve redness, dry itching and other parts. The more you use it, the softer and smoother the skin will be. It can also improve the permeability of the skin. Dry sensitive muscles choose it.

in the process of bathing, the cuticle on the skin surface is fully softened by hot water and steam. In the period after bathing, it is very suitable for exfoliating the face and body skin!

don’t ignore the elbow, heel and knee, and rub them. Pay attention to the oil producing T area on the face, and knead the connecting position of the mandible and neck. Cheek part of the hand to light oh, some sisters cuticle is thin, excessive force will lead to facial redness, serious will make the cuticle damaged.

warm and pleasant ginger smell makes people feel very comfortable. It contains sugar coated abrasive particles. It can be emulsified before adding water, then become a dense foam, gently soften horniness, easily remove old waste horniness, wash away the skin without greasy or dry, and refresh the whole lot.

has three kinds of bristles, which can clean the corners of the face. Silicone texture, face soft and comfortable, waterproof is very good, there are 8 gear strength can be adjusted, the skin is easy to turn red partner to 2 ~ 3 gear is enough. This cleanser uses the principle of sound waves to shake out the “dirty things” in your skin, so that you can enjoy cleaning more!

the texture is like bean curd residue. It is very soft. After being smeared on the face, it has a cool feeling and a light wine aroma. It can remove the old cutin and yellow gas, make the skin bright and glossy, and sweep away the dull and tired feeling before. Do not directly wash with water, first use a wet towel or make-up cotton gently wipe off, and then wash with water will be more clean and fast.

just after bathing, the face will appear full and transparent, but this sense of moistening is only temporary, and the water will not directly enter the cells. With the evaporation of the surface water, the skin will return to its original state. At the same time, apply a mask to make the skin absorb nutrients and moisture, and feel more full.

this mask is divided into two parts: the upper and lower parts can be adjusted according to the contour of the face, and can be covered in every corner. It can also protect the skin and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

when applying the mask, the body will be doubly absorbed by applying the body milk. Mask finishing, body milk is also fully absorbed, and then wear clothes easily farewell sticky feeling.

the texture is light, the upper body is fresh, not sticky, very easy to push, and the skin feels soft. Pear fresh surrounded by white Freesia, plus amber, Pogostemon and woody fragrance, make the fragrance more aromatic, as if the skin has its own dense fragrance, painted on the body will enhance happiness, skin moist and smooth, not to mention, also let you become the “master of the garden”, with the fragrance to sleep.

it’s perfectly normal for many people to turn day and night upside down. When they don’t get enough sleep, their eyes are prone to tension and fatigue. If they want to get up early and make up the next day, it’s a disaster. Their eyelids are slightly swollen, and they’re blue and purple at the moment. In addition, their bags under their eyes “fall to the ground” are in a mess.

at this time, it is not a problem to use eye mask and eye cream together to save eyes. Put the eye mask into the refrigerator for 5 minutes before going to bed. Wake up in the morning, with eye cream in the eye circle massage, can prevent dark circles aggravation.

the shape of orchid is very close to the lines of the eyes. It covers the skin around the eyes very well. It is very suitable for the eyes. It helps to relax the muscles of the eyes, replenish water for you and fill the fine lines. Stick it before you go to bed to make your eyes bright.

the fragrance of rose is very comfortable to smell, and continuously provides water replenishment for the skin around the eyes. When smearing, massage in circles from the inside out, especially after staying up late, can gradually restore the contour around the eyes.

the faint fragrance of camellia is very reassuring. The texture is rich and easy to push. The face is quickly absorbed by the skin. The face feels tender but not greasy, and it is especially mild and not irritating at all. Sometimes, when you feel up to night and feel oily and oily, you don’t want to use heavy cream. You can choose this kind of skin to enhance your skin’s strength and skin barrier.

the repair effect of “green bottle” is very good! It contains 4 times of highly concentrated marine Viola cell energy, and can also enhance the skin defense. Even if you often stay up late, it can make the skin stable in a delicate and glossy state!

if you want your skin to have no small emotions, in addition to skin care, it’s the truth to go to bed early. If you don’t have necessary work, you should go to bed early! Pets