Peng Yuchang, once mellow, showed his abdominal muscles after losing weight. Sure enough, you and the male god only lost weight

The entertainment industry is an extremely harsh place, for the star’s figure is strictly controlled. Especially for actors, if they want to be on camera, they must be thin and angular. If they are fat, they will die. Such a concept has also made many stars suffer. Ma Sichun is a very obvious example. < / P > < p > however, although the process of weight loss is hard, it’s still a happy moment when we put in efforts to get results. Yesterday, Peng Yuchang, who had a hot search on his abdominal muscles, should have this kind of psychology! Anyone who has seen it knows that Mr. Huang’s cooking skills can be regarded as one of the best, so Peng Yuchang unconsciously takes a big bowl to make every meal. This comes and goes, and the meat naturally accumulates on the body. < / P > < p > as a professional actor, being fat will affect the way of acting. Maybe he won’t even be able to play after that, so Peng Yuchang can only be forced to lose weight. Since you can’t resist the temptation of delicious food, try to eat less, and then join the right amount of exercise. Peng Yuchang also did so, shrinking his tableware and doing several groups of exercises on the yoga mat after every meal. At the beginning, it was as difficult as those of us who wanted to lose weight, but over time, the effect was obvious. Then we were surprised to find that from a chubby passer-by to the adored male god, we only need exercise. < / P > < p > it seems that there’s nothing wrong with saying this, so don’t you hurry up and exercise? After losing weight, Peng Yuchang broadened his acting path and also had abdominal muscles that could be searched on microblog. Although you may not have such a great influence, it’s good to slim down and improve your own small circle, isn’t it? So don’t hesitate any more, come to exercise with us and get Peng Yuchang’s abdominal muscles. Today, we mainly start with two movements to explain how to exercise the abdomen. Next, let’s have a look! < / P > < p > action 1: elbow and knee rotation in standing posture. Stand on the yoga mat with legs shoulder width apart, all feet on the ground, toes facing the front; straighten the knees to make the muscles of the legs tense continuously; inhale to tighten the abdomen, straighten the back, bend the elbows of both hands and lift them up, the big arm is parallel to the ground, the small arm is at a 45 ° angle with the big arm, and both hands are relaxed and pasted behind the head; one leg stays in place, the other leg bends and lifts up, Turn your upper body. The focus of this movement is still in the twist, because this is the action that really drives the abdominal movement, so we must ensure the consistency of the movement when doing the twist movement. < / P > < p > action 2: kneeling and one leg stretching. Lie on the yoga mat in supine position, inhale and retract the abdomen, keep the back and buttocks close to the yoga mat; keep the shoulders and head off the ground, keep the chin and neck at a certain angle; lift the legs up, one leg straight, and the other knee close to the abdomen; bend the elbows and knees with both hands, and do knee flexion and extension exercise in turn. This action is also a abdominal abuse action, so the main part is still concentrated in the abdomen, but it is driven by the process of bending the knee. < / P > < p > although abdominal muscles are not something everyone must have, they can reflect differences. Many people think that fitness is for their own health, not with such a strong utilitarian heart. But since wasted time, it is necessary to gentle years, otherwise it will only be an excuse for his life. So you should have a sense of utility when you are working out. Only in this way can you be more grateful for what you have done. That’s all for today’s fitness content sharing. See you next time! Focus