People infected with Helicobacter pylori, usually have these three manifestations, quickly self-test

As we all know, Helicobacter pylori is the only kind of bacteria that can parasitize in the human stomach. This kind of bacteria can invade the body through a variety of channels, especially those who do not pay attention to food hygiene and ignore oral hygiene. The probability of Helicobacter pylori infecting the body is high. After the invasion, the function of the stomach decreases, and many adverse symptoms are obvious. < / P > < p > therefore, it is necessary to understand the physical manifestations after the invasion of Helicobacter pylori. If the relevant symptoms are met, it is necessary to take reasonable measures to inhibit Helicobacter pylori. Otherwise, the stomach diseases are not improved in time, which may threaten health in the process of sustainable development. < / P > < p > infection with Helicobacter pylori may cause pain in the stomach, because after the invasion of Helicobacter pylori, the function of the stomach is damaged, and gastritis or gastric ulcer may appear at the beginning. After the development of local lesions and mucosal damage, the pain is obvious, and sometimes the gastric mucosa is damaged and stimulated by some irritating food, and the pain is obvious Obviously. < / P > < p > to detect this abnormality in the body, we should take reasonable measures to inhibit Helicobacter pylori, reduce the damage to the gastric mucosa, remove the inflammation, gradually repair the mucosa, and improve the situation of easy pain. < / P > < p > after Helicobacter pylori invades the body, it will lead to a high probability of gastric distension. If it is always gastric distension after food intake, it also needs to be cautious, because gastric distension is mostly due to the damage of digestive function, and the digestive system cannot maintain good function. After food intake, it accumulates in the stomach for a long time and produces more gas, which may lead to frequent gastric distension and food intake After that, the discomfort of upper abdomen was obvious. < / P > < p > people who have this kind of situation for a long time need to judge the cause through timely examination. If it is really related to Helicobacter pylori infection, it needs to be improved through reasonable medication and good living habits, killing Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, restoring the normal function of the stomach, good digestive system function, and food intake before it can be normal Digestion. < / P > < p > repeated oral discomfort, even bad breath phenomenon is obvious, also need to be vigilant against Helicobacter pylori. Because in the process of parasitization of the bacteria, it will affect the function of the stomach, and even some Helicobacter pylori stay in the oral cavity, damaging the oral health environment. The content of harmful bacteria is high. In addition, some people’s stomach function is damaged, they may feel sour and heartburn, and the affected oral cavity will emit a bad smell. Therefore, inexplicable bad breath should not be ignored, it is likely that Helicobacter pylori is infected. < / P > < p > once Helicobacter pylori infection is found to be a threat to health, it needs to be actively improved through rational drug use. In addition, tableware should pay attention to sterilization, food should also take advantage of fresh eating, these are the key to prevent the invasion of Helicobacter pylori. Home