People who lose weight are easy to make these four mistakes. No wonder you can’t lose weight all the time

Many people do not know why they always fail to lose weight, but blindly complain about how difficult it is to lose weight. No matter how I diet to lose weight or insist on exercise, but the body is still not able to achieve the weight loss effect I want, so I simply give up the body management and let my body continue to get fat.

However, obesity not only makes the body ugly, but also brings health hazards to the body. When the body’s immunity drops and you are sick, you have to pay for medical treatment, which is not worth the loss. If you are obese, more diseases will come to you and affect your life expectancy. And weight loss, you must pay attention to it.

why can’t people lose weight? Many people will make some common sense mistakes, fall into the error of weight loss, resulting in low weight loss effect. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes made by people who lose weight. No wonder you can’t lose weight all the time!

although obese people are heavier, fitness people are not necessarily underweight. If you think that being overweight is obesity, it’s easy to fall into the mistake of losing weight. People who keep fit for a long time usually weigh more than 100, but they are not fat, on the contrary, they are compact and strong, which is the contradiction.

during the weight loss period, weight reduction is not the key point. The focus of our pursuit should be to reduce the body fat rate. Only lose the body’s excess fat, so that your body looks slim, with good-looking body curve, rather than just blindly reduce weight.

the loss of weight is not necessarily the loss of fat. On the contrary, it may be the loss of body water, muscle or nutrition, and the loss of fat is what you want to pursue during weight loss.

many people always believe that dieting can achieve the effect of weight loss. Although dieting to lose weight, we can see the effect of rapid weight loss. However, what we mentioned above is weight loss, which is not necessarily the success of weight loss.

a long-term diet to lose weight will lead to the decline of the body’s metabolic capacity, lack of nutrition, easy to cause endocrine disorders, thus damaging the body and organs.

dieting can damage the body’s metabolism, and it’s more difficult for you to continue to lose weight later. When you get back to eating, your weight will start to rebound, your body will easily get fat, and you can’t really lose weight.

many people eat irregular meals and prefer snacks, because they always think that eating less than one meal can reduce weight, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases and make the body desperately accumulate heat, leading to the appearance of obesity prone constitution.

many people think that if they don’t have enough snacks, they won’t get fat. This kind of common sense cognition is actually wrong. Many people underestimate the calories of snacks. Although snacks are not easy to make you full, they are high in calories. Although you are not full, a packet of potato chips is equivalent to one hour of running, and a cup of milk tea is equivalent to three bowls of rice.

if you don’t give up snacks and have irregular meals, it’s easy to affect the progress of weight loss. Only regular meals, give up snacks, you can lose weight healthily.

if you neglect strength training, even if you lose weight, your body will be very shriveled and have no sense of line. When you stop exercising, it’s easy to rebound and gain weight.

if you join the strength training, you can exercise your own muscles. The improvement of muscle content can help us improve our body’s metabolic ability, so that the body can always maintain a high metabolic state. If you lose weight, the body curve will be more compact and it is not easy to rebound.
it’s always important for us not to use muscle training. In addition to maintaining high metabolism, muscles can also protect the body and internal organs. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore