People with a bad stomach need to touch less heartburn food. They can’t help eating more, and their stomach will be very painful

The function of the stomach is to help the body digest food. Due to the accelerated pace of life, mental stress, work pressure, and long-term irregular eating habits, many people have stomach health problems. There are often

people with bad stomach have higher requirements for diet, and many foods need to be avoided, especially some irritating foods. After eating, it is easy to cause acid reflux and heartburn symptoms, which will aggravate Damage to the stomach. So, what kind of food can cause heartburn?

many people have the habit of drinking coffee. It’s really comfortable to have a cup of coffee in your spare time, and coffee also has a good refreshing function. Having a cup of coffee between work can not only make you have more energy to face work, but also improve work efficiency. But coffee can’t be drunk in large quantities. Coffee has strong irritation, which can stimulate gastric mucosa and cause heartburn. Especially for people with bad stomach, they can’t drink more.

avocado is a very popular fruit at present. It is rich in nutritional value, and it contains unsaturated fatty acids, which is also conducive to human health. However, avocado is not friendly to people with bad intestines and stomach. It has high calories. If you eat too much avocado, it will bring too much fat to the body, affect the digestive function of the stomach, and cause heartburn and burning sensation.

soda is a kind of carbonated beverage. The acidic substances in this kind of beverage can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid after entering the human body. Excessive gastric acid can damage the gastric mucosa. In addition, carbon dioxide in soda can also cause abdominal distension and affect gastrointestinal function. People with a bad stomach should try to drink less soda at ordinary times, otherwise it will cause heartburn and increase the burden on the stomach.

peppermint flavored food is cool and refreshing. It also helps to refresh and make your breath clearer. Therefore, many people will put some peppermint in their bags. However, peppermint can’t be eaten too much. This kind of food will reduce the pressure of the lower esophagus, have adverse effects on the intestines and stomach, and also stimulate the stomach, causing acid reflux and heartburn.

ketchup is a common condiment. Many people choose ketchup when they eat spaghetti, fried food or bread. The sour and sweet taste also satisfies most people’s taste buds. However, ketchup is an acidic food, if you eat too much, it will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, causing acid reflux, heartburn symptoms. If you have a bad stomach, you should avoid eating at will.

many people prefer to eat heavy food when they eat, and they also add a lot of seasonings when they cook, among which black pepper is often used in cooking. Black pepper has a strong irritation, often used, will also stimulate the stomach, causing heartburn and other symptoms.

many people think that sweet potato is a healthy food, and they will eat it in large quantities without restraint. Although sweet potato is indeed a healthy food, it does not mean that it can be eaten at will. Sweet potato is a kind of gas producing food. If you eat too much, it is easy to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, causing heartburn, stomach distension and other discomfort.

the above kinds of food are very common in our life. When we eat them, we should be a little moderate and avoid eating too much, otherwise it will stimulate the stomach, cause discomfort to the stomach, cause acid regurgitation, heartburn and other symptoms, and also affect the gastrointestinal function. Especially for people with a bad stomach, we should avoid eating too much to avoid causing pain to the stomach. Focus