Pfizer has side effects in developing new crown vaccine trial participants

Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of the United States said on the 15th that some volunteers who participated in the phase 3 clinical trial of the new crown vaccine developed by Pfizer and German Biotechnology Co., Ltd. had mild to moderate side effects. According to Pfizer, the side effects of volunteers participating in the clinical trial included fatigue, headache, chills and muscle pain. Some volunteers also had fever symptoms, and some had high fever. < / P > < p > because the data are from double-blind trials, Pfizer can’t distinguish between volunteers who use vaccines or placebo. Katherine Jensen, head of vaccine development at the company, said the independent data monitoring committee could obtain non blind data and would inform the company if they thought there was a safety hazard, but so far they have not. According to the introduction, 30000 volunteers were originally planned to participate in the phase III clinical trial of the vaccine. At present, more than 29000 people have been recruited, and more than 12000 volunteers have been vaccinated with the second dose of vaccine. Recently, Pfizer and German biotech announced that they would expand the scale and diversity of volunteer participation, adding young people with a minimum age of 16, as well as people living with HIV and hepatitis virus, and planned to recruit a total of 44000 people to participate in the three phase clinical trials of the vaccine. The final report on vaccine effectiveness is expected to be published by the end of October. 08/17/2020