Pharyngitis 5 types of daily food to control, maintain 2 habits, to clean the throat

Throat is the organ where we swallow food and speak. If this part is inflamed, we will feel a lot of discomfort when eating. When swallowing, we will have sore throat, cough and expectoration, which will affect our appetite and damage our personal image. Chronic pharyngitis is a kind of intractable chronic disease, its symptoms are mainly characterized by dry throat, burning, pain, congestion, swelling, foreign body sensation, etc.

people who are entangled with chronic pharyngitis should pay special attention to the dietary taboos. They should understand what food to eat more and what food to avoid in advance, so as to avoid the acute attack of pharyngitis and make your throat suffer less.

the voice of people who like to drink is generally hoarse or low. This is because the high alcohol consumption is easy to erode the pharyngeal mucosa and cause throat pain and inflammation. After drinking, the irritation of alcohol will wash away the mucous membrane of the pharynx, causing a dry and burning sensation in the throat, and the mucous membrane is easy to thin and produce inflammation after being stimulated. And drink cold drink can frostbite pharyngeal mucous membrane, pharyngitis can attack repeatedly.

spicy food is delicious and stimulates the appetite, but the irritation of this kind of food is a heavy burden on the throat. The irritation produced by chewing hot pepper will burn our pharyngeal mucosa, causing us to have a hot feeling, and the throat is hot and dry, which will cause acute pharyngitis. Try not to take a bite of food or hot pot with pepper.

fried food accounts for the majority of our daily diet. After high-temperature frying, the smell of the food is pungent, which is hard to refuse. But this kind of food eat too much heat on fire, cause pharyngitis will appear after the acute attack of cough and expectoration and other symptoms, and fried food is hard, not conducive to swallowing, but also increase the throat burden.

seafood is rich in protein, which can supplement the body function after eating, but people with pharyngitis can’t eat seafood, because seafood tastes fishy and has the stimulation and recurrence of inflammation. It is easy to produce phlegm after eating, and the throat itching and foreign body feeling will be more serious. For seafood and part of the river must be strictly taboo.

there are a variety of desserts and cakes in our daily life, but this kind of food is high in calories, high in sugar, and flour products have strong stickiness. People with pharyngitis will easily adhere to the pharynx after eating, resulting in increased foreign body sensation. And high heat can also cause cough and expectoration in the throat, leading to recurrence of inflammation.

when pharyngitis attacks, people often eat some Sydney or loquat syrup to relieve cough and phlegm, but it can’t completely remove the root. And pharyngitis afraid of “1 water”, not loquat dew, if you like to drink, give throat cleaning.

it’s not difficult to remove the root of pharyngitis. When you drink water, just add Siraitia grosvenorii, tangerine, mint, licorice and green fruit to make tangerine and green fruit tea. Drink a few cups a day to moisten your throat, eliminate bacteria and foreign body sensation in your throat, clear your throat and remove phlegm, and clean your throat. It’s refreshing and more comfortable.

the orange, red and green fruit tea made of the above five kinds of materials are all from, which is a classic prescription for clearing throat and clearing throat. The most famous functions of tangerine are relieving cough and resolving phlegm, clearing lung fire and throat; Siraitia grosvenorii can clear throat and moisten throat, lower fire and expel toxin; green fruit tastes sour and produces body fluid, anti inflammation and sterilization, eliminating foreign body sensation; licorice can clear heat and phlegm, reducing throat dryness and heat; mint can cool and moisten throat.

people who are often troubled by pharyngitis put orange green fruit tea when drinking water to moisten the throat without itching, keep the throat fresh without coughing, and keep the inflammation away from you quietly

since there are many taboo foods in the diet, eating more throat clearing foods is also very helpful for the recovery of the throat. Can often eat kelp, watermelon, kiwi, loquat, tomato, Sydney, yam, balsam pear and other cool food.

people with chronic pharyngitis are often caused by not drinking water in time after a lot of throat use. Therefore, the daily need to intake enough water to keep the throat moist, but also eliminate the burning sensation of the throat.

conclusion: for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis, it is necessary to find out the root cause of the disease and then prescribe the right medicine. We should not blindly rely on anti-inflammatory drugs. In this way, it is not only difficult to achieve the goal of root removal, but also cause drug resistance and consolidate the inflammation. The above conditioning method is simple and practical, hope to help everyone. Focus