Poster world patient safety day: no doctor, no patient

The safety of medical workers is the premise of patient safety. Without the safety of doctors, there will be no safety of patients. September 17 this year is the second world patient safety day. According to the world health organization announcement, the slogan of the second world patient safety day is “health workers are safe, patients are safe”, calling for “voice for health workers safety”. < / P > < p > World patient safety day is deeply rooted in the basic medical principle of “first of all, don’t harm”. Its overall goal is to strengthen the global understanding of patient safety, improve public participation in medical safety, and promote global action to enhance patient safety and reduce patient injury. Under the pressure of the new epidemic, countless medical workers across the country, regardless of their pay, risking life or death, are fighting to treat patients in the first line of anti epidemic, leaving us too many precious memories of true interaction. This day, doctors and patients in the hospital of Hunan Province are making a warm and safe poster. Let’s look forward to the best between doctors and patients. HEALTHY LIFE