Postpartum 42 days puerperium, puerpera had better not make 5 bogey, otherwise the month may be white sitting

My cousin’s second child gave birth to a boy, and it happened that she had both children. She made a good word and was very happy. My cousin said that I was too young when I gave birth to the eldest child. Now I have to do everything by myself for the second child, “I want to witness the growth of my baby every day!” < / P > < p > well, I saw my cousin’s circle of friends early in the morning: I took Xiaobao to have a physical examination for 42 days today. There were too many people in the elevator. I climbed the 5th floor with my baby in my arms. It seems that my physical strength has recovered very well! < p > < p > as soon as the circle of friends was launched, my big cousin commented: “nonsense!” My cousin is the chief physician of the Provincial Maternal and child health care hospital. Seeing this sentence, I feel a little cluttered. < / P > < p > soon, the eldest cousin in the family group issued a lengthy discussion, the general idea is to let the cousin relax, this is only 42 days after childbirth, or it belongs to the puerperal period, these taboos can’t be violated, otherwise the birth will be a waste of time: < / P > < p > the old people often say that it’s superstition for young novice mothers that this is superstition Based on. < / P > < p > we call 42 days postpartum the puerperium, which is the basic time for novice mothers to recover, not the longest. Most novice mothers only sit for 30 days a month and neglect the health care of puerperal period. < / P > < p > we should know that lifting heavy objects and holding children during puerperium will make mothers who have not been well adjusted exert excessive force, which may lead to uterine prolapse. This is a theory that both Chinese medicine and Western medicine have reached a consensus. Therefore, expectant mothers in puerperal period should avoid abdominal exertion, avoid lifting heavy objects and holding children. It is indeed dangerous to lift heavy objects and hold children like cousins. < / P > < p > and climbing stairs will lead to the weight of the whole body concentrated on the knee. The bones and Qi and blood of the weight-added Baoma women have not been fully recovered during the puerperal period, so climbing stairs will make the fragile knees easy to be injured. < / P > < p > many novice mothers have gone through a long period of confinement, and they eat very light food during the month. Especially for those mothers who usually have heavy taste, they can’t bear the strong taste buds. < / P > < p > some mothers resume their spicy diet as soon as they are full moon. It should be noted that 42 days after delivery is still puerperal period. Novice mothers are relatively weak during childbirth and parturition. A lot of sweating can easily lead to insufficient body Yin and fluid. At this time, the body has not yet fully recovered, and they begin to eat it when they want to eat it Symptoms of constipation and hemorrhoids. Little do you know that lochia clean does not mean that the wound of the uterus has been repaired. However, female friends spend a lot of physical energy when giving birth to children, and they are not fully recovered after the full moon. In this period, immunity is usually low and infection is easy to occur. < p > < p > doctors suggest that they should go to the doctor for relevant examination on 42 days after delivery. Even if the results of the examination are satisfactory, it is better to wait for 2 hours before the husband and wife can be “together” normally. < / P > < p > at the same time, even if menstruation does not recover, you also need to take contraceptive measures, do not have a fluke mind, to know that the cases of accidental pregnancy during lactation are not uncommon Oh! < / P > < p > after my cousin got pregnant, she was 50 Jin longer than before pregnancy, and her second child was nearly 30 kg heavier than before pregnancy. Looking at her clothes, she was very depressed in the month. < p > < p > she said, “I’m going out for a quick walk after my full moon!” She was a woman who did what she said. Unexpectedly, after two days of walking away, the evil dew came again. She was scared to ask her cousin for help. Her cousin said, “you are so anxious. You can only take a walk at most in this full moon, and you should pay attention to the time. How can you do strenuous exercise?” Experts say that the recovery time of postpartum exercise varies from person to person. But the good constitution of Baoma is strictly prohibited from strenuous exercise in the puerperal period of 6 weeks after delivery. < / P > < p > for the natural born Baoma, if the indicators of postpartum physical examination recover well, they can gradually start to exercise 6 weeks after delivery, but they can do strenuous exercise at least 3 months after delivery. < p > < p > but the Baoma of caesarean section have to wait longer. They need to judge the time of recovery exercise according to the healing degree of the wound, and can’t do strenuous exercise at will. Novice mothers must not be too anxious! < / P > < p > pregnant women must be scientific in their childbirth. The most important thing is that they should have a nutritious diet. They should not eat too much greasy food, but they must eat food that can nourish Qi and blood. 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