Postpartum 42 days review, the six examinations are very important, do not make lazy, do not fluke, check to rest assured

Some mothers may feel that their recovery is good, or there is no major physical discomfort, or they may be busy taking care of their children, so they don’t have time to check. < / P > < p > there are also many puerperas who listen to the doctor’s instructions and go for a review in 42 days after delivery. Most of them are fine and have a good recovery. If there is any aspect of poor recovery, the doctor will also give correction suggestions. < p > < p > parturient1: I had a caesarean section, so I only had a routine blood test and pelvic floor muscle examination, but I didn’t ask me to do B-ultrasound or examine my wound. Parturient 2: I am also caesarean section, did urine routine, leucorrhea, vaginal ultrasound, pelvic floor muscle examination. Parturient 3: I went to do a vaginal ultrasound, blood and urine tests, did not look at the wound, did not do other tests. Next, let’s talk about the items that may be found in the 42 day postpartum review, as well as the important and necessary items. < / P > < p > in general, 42 days after delivery, the doctor will ask some routine questions to understand the recovery of the puerpera, such as whether there is any obvious discomfort, whether lochia is clean, breastfeeding, etc. < p > < p > ① weight measurement: now many pregnant women are prone to overweight during pregnancy, so postpartum weight recovery is a big project, so doctors will also let the maternal weight measurement, as a reference aspect of postpartum recovery. < / P > < p > ② blood pressure measurement: it is to detect the blood pressure level of puerpera for a period of time after delivery, especially for those with high blood pressure during pregnancy, it is more necessary to review blood pressure in 42 days after delivery, and actively tell doctors that their blood pressure is high during pregnancy. < / P > < p > the blood pressure level of normal adults is 120 / 80mmHg. If it is still high, it is necessary to see a physician for correction; there are also some cases of maternal hypotension, that is, the blood pressure is lower than 90 / 60mmhg, it should also be corrected, and should not be careless, especially breast-feeding mothers. < / P > < p > ③ blood glucose measurement: if the maternal blood glucose is normal during pregnancy, it is not necessary to check, mainly for pregnant women with abnormal blood glucose. It is necessary to review blood glucose in 42 days after delivery. The normal range of blood glucose in normal adults is: fasting blood glucose is between 3.9-6.1mmol/l, two hours after meal is 4.4-7.8mmol/l. If it is not within the normal range, it is also necessary to see a physician for correction. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, the uterus is the most important organ that changes the female body. During the whole 10 months of pregnancy, the uterus is like a balloon blown up, its weight increases from 50g to 1000g, and its volume is also increasing, and it expands a lot around. < / P > < p > when the baby is born, the uterus suddenly shrinks, and it takes about 6 weeks to return to its original size and position. Therefore, in postpartum 42 days review, doctors will focus on the recovery of the uterus, to see whether it has returned to normal, whether there is prolapse. < / P > < p > in addition, after the baby is born, during the period of confinement, the puerpera will also experience a “lochia period”, which is generally clean in 4-6 weeks. If the lochia is not clean or there are other abnormalities in the 42 day postpartum review, we must tell the doctor. < / P > < p > when giving birth to a baby, the pelvic muscles are stretched easily to cause damage, and the pelvis is an important organ to pull up the uterus, rectum, bladder and other organs. If it is injured during delivery, it will affect the maternal urination, defecation, and husband and wife’s life. < / P > < p > the general doctor will use the instrument to detect the “recovery level”, which is basically the necessary examination items after delivery. If the recovery is not good, the doctor will also give some rehabilitation suggestions. < / P > < p > this article is mainly aimed at the parturient with natural birth. During delivery, the fetus is often born with dilatation of the birth canal. If the fetus is larger, it may squeeze or tear the vaginal muscles during delivery. < / P > < p > therefore, in the 42 day postpartum review, we should look at the recovery. At the same time, the doctor may also check the secretion and whether lochia is clean. < / P > < p > cesarean section mothers will leave a wound on their stomachs. After 42 days of postpartum review, the doctor will see the recovery of the wound, whether it has grown well, and whether there is infection such as purulence and swelling. < / P > < p > the parturient with natural delivery may have a side cut or tear wound, and if there is a puerpera, they will also check the recovery of the wound when they are reexamined on the 42th day after delivery. In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia, it is particularly necessary to check blood routine. If there is anemia, iron should be supplemented in time, so as not to affect their own health, but also to avoid affecting the baby’s health through breast milk. Urine routine examination is also a must. It mainly tests the ketone body and protein in the urine. Especially in the pregnant women with hypertension and feeling of frequent urination discomfort, they should do routine urine examination. < / P > < p > many parturients do not pay attention to the 42 day postpartum review, but in fact, through the above analysis, it can be seen that it is necessary to review 42 days postpartum, especially for those who have obvious discomfort in some aspects. < / P > < p > in addition to the above examinations, the doctor may also ask about the situation of breast feeding. If there is a problem with feeding, the doctor may also do some breast related tests. < / P > < p > in addition, if the baby does not have a physical examination at the full moon, it is better to take the baby to check the growth and development during this period of time when the puerpera does the 42 day reexamination. < p > < p > welcome to Jingma. She said that she would like to learn more professional, practical and grounded knowledge of mother and child care. 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