Pregnancy is also a technical work. It’s hard to get pregnant in the days after menstruation

It’s very important for every woman to have a baby. We often plan carefully. After getting married, the first task of the young couple is to add a child to their family. However,

their best friend has been married for three years. It is reasonable that they should have children long ago, but there has been no movement. Because she was younger when she got married, we thought it was because they were not in a hurry.

when we talked about this at the party a few days ago, we realized that they wanted it, but they didn’t want it. Originally this kind of private affairs, we as outsiders are not easy to get involved, but my best friend is not shy about it. After understanding their pregnancy preparation methods, I said with a smile: “I don’t think you two will be pregnant in three years. ”

in order to increase the chance of pregnancy, the two of them shared the same room twice as often as before. I thought I could get pregnant smoothly, but I didn’t expect that this wrong method would reduce the probability of pregnancy.

what surprised me was that my best friend didn’t know the right way to get pregnant after so long preparation. Of course, this also has something to do with her careless character. All her friends have no habit of menstruation.

in fact, if you want to improve the probability of pregnancy, you should remember your menstrual period. Pregnancy is a “technical job”. Learning to find the right time to share a room can improve the probability. I popularized the relevant knowledge to my friends.

later, she learned that the fifth day after menstruation can be regarded as ovulation period. Rooming during this period can greatly improve the probability of pregnancy, so it’s easy to have a baby.

now young people have little knowledge about pregnancy preparation. They don’t know how to prepare for pregnancy scientifically and correctly. We should learn the relevant knowledge before giving birth to a baby. In addition, the following are very important notes during pregnancy preparation, we should know in advance.

when we are going to have children, we should first ensure that both husband and wife can have enough sleep time and form regular work and rest habits every day.

only in this way can we ensure the health of both sides and the baby will be healthy. Assuming that lack of sleep, then everyone’s immune system is likely to be affected, endocrine disorders in the body, at this time the probability of pregnancy will be relatively low.

of course, we should not have psychological pressure. Before giving birth to a baby, we should reduce the pressure brought by work and life, and maintain a good attitude is more conducive to pregnancy.

many young people have the habit of smoking and drinking, but this is a big taboo during pregnancy preparation. Tobacco and alcohol will have a fatal impact on the health of the fetus, and it is difficult to conceive a baby in the presence of such bad habits.

cigarettes can kill sperm, while alcohol can reduce sperm activity, which will hinder pregnancy. I hope you can give up these bad habits three months before pregnancy and keep healthy enough.

folic acid is helpful to the early brain development of the fetus and is a substance that must be taken during pregnancy. You should consult your doctor in advance and be ready for pregnancy.

in addition, the vegetables we usually eat also contain this substance, such as amaranth, lettuce, spinach and so on. We can consciously eat more in our diet, which is good for pregnancy.

in the process of fetal development, they will get the nutrition they need from the mother. Their bone growth naturally needs calcium, so we should pay attention to calcium supplement after pregnancy. Usually, you can eat more fish, milk, eggs and so on. Getting nutrition from food is the best way.

there are many things to pay attention to in pregnancy preparation. We should remember them carefully. Carelessness can’t be a competent parent. After pregnancy, pregnant women should be more careful rest, waiting for the safe birth of the fetus. PARRENT&CHILDREN