Pregnancy most afraid of “fetal stop”, pregnant mother pay attention to these points, can let the baby born smoothly

People say that “there is an unexpected situation” and “never know what the next chocolate tastes like”. Indeed, life is always full of uncertainty, in order to deal with all kinds of situations, we need to be fully prepared, pregnancy is the same.

pregnant mothers want their babies to be safe and healthy. Although they pay great attention to it during pregnancy, it is inevitable that there will be “fetal arrest”. This is what mothers are most afraid of, so how to avoid it?

fetal arrest refers to the situation that the embryo no longer develops at a certain stage, but the parturient does not have spontaneous abortion. The difference from a normal embryo is that there is no fetal heart, indicating that the fetus has stopped beating in the mother.

this is a major reason for fetal arrest, because the existence of some antibodies will make a lot of physiological activities can not be carried out normally, and also affect the quality of sperm and egg cells, so that embryo development is affected, leading to fetal arrest.

chromosomes carry our genetic genes and affect the development of the human body. If the chromosome is abnormal, it will affect the quality of the embryo. In this case, it is suggested that both husband and wife should go to the hospital for relevant examination in advance.

the uterus is the place where life is conceived, and its environmental conditions will certainly have an impact on the fetus. If a pregnant woman’s uterus is in poor condition, such as inflammation, it increases the risk of fetal arrest.

hormones play a very important role in regulating the body. Don’t ignore their necessity because of their “small amount”. If pregnant women lack the hormones needed in the process of pregnancy, it will cause fetal arrest.

physical factors: radiation, ultrasound, X-ray, high temperature, heavy metals, etc.; chemical factors: anesthetic gas, drugs affecting pregnancy, etc. All kinds of disadvantageous factors can lead to embryo dysplasia, even cause embryo deformity or fetal arrest. At the same time, pregnant women should also pay attention to personal habits, do not smoke, do not drink, carefully cultivate healthy fetus.

examination does not just refer to “regular prenatal examination”. In fact, before pregnancy, husband and wife have to go to the hospital for examination, so as to have a more accurate understanding of the body. If there are some problems, you should ask the doctor directly for solutions.

pay special attention to medication safety after pregnancy, because many drugs will have great side effects on pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should abide by the doctor’s advice and never take medicine casually.

bad work and rest patterns, excessive drinking and so on will affect the health of the fetus, and may cause the consequences of fetal arrest over time. Good habits can make people have the spirit of sunshine, but also benefit the fetus. We should also reduce the number of times to watch mobile phones and other electronic products to reduce the impact of radiation. At the same time, the use of microwave oven should also maintain a certain distance to avoid harm to the fetus.

every family wants their children to be born healthily, but the slightest change may shatter their dreams. In order to avoid problems with the baby, the husband and wife should actively check and listen to the doctor’s advice in time. At the same time, we should also develop good living habits to create a good environment for the arrival of children. HEALTHY LIFE