Pregnant 7 months to do color Doppler ultrasound, “the child has short legs, intestinal shadow”, smart pregnant mother do so

Xiao Yun has been pregnant for 25 weeks. As a novice mother, Xiao Yun takes care of her baby carefully every day, for fear that an carelessness will bring harm to her baby.

at the 25th week, Xiao Yun made an appointment for the color Doppler ultrasound in the hospital. Because he wanted to have a closer look at his baby, Xiao Yun chose 4D color Doppler ultrasound.

on the day of the examination, Xiao Yun went to the hospital full of expectation for the relevant examination, but he didn’t expect that the doctor was frowning all the time during the examination, which made the doctors Xiao Yun saw feel nervous.

after carefully looking at the child’s condition, the doctor said to Xiao Yun: at present, the child’s two legs are short and the long part has some shadows. It’s better to have some more detailed examinations.

after hearing the doctor’s words, Xiao Yun was startled. He immediately called his husband and told him the information. Xiao Yun’s husband comforted him not to be afraid and made a decision when he arrived at the hospital.

after Xiao Yun called her husband, she was a little confused and stayed in the hospital waiting for her husband’s arrival. After arriving at the hospital, her husband asked about Xiao Yun and his children in detail, and then took Xiao Yun to a more professional hospital for detailed examination

as mothers to be, what they worry about most is what happens to their babies in their stomachs. So what should mothers to be do when they encounter the similar situation of Xiao Yun?

when the expectant mother goes to the hospital for examination and finds that her child has some problems, many expectant mothers are unavoidably panic and don’t know what to do. In fact, what our mothers need to do at this time is to give themselves a reassuring pill first, and then make some relevant preparations:

many times, the examination made by a hospital can not be used as the final judgment result, so if expectant mothers get a bad result from a child, please don’t make some decisions too quickly. The best practice should be to find some professional hospitals for detailed examination, and then judge how to better solve the problem according to a variety of examination results.

sometimes in the process of examination, due to the abnormal movement of the fetus, the examination error results may appear, and the expectant mother may have different results when doing the relevant examination.

if there is no abnormality in the examination, the expectant mother can safely raise the fetus. If she still feels a little uneasy, she can go to the relevant examination again after a period of time. This kind of cyclic examination can effectively ensure the safety of the fetus and Baoma.

there are many kinds of tests to be done by expectant mothers during pregnancy, so expectant mothers should not feel abnormal uneasiness because of one of the tests during pregnancy. At this time, what expectant mothers really need to do is to have relevant tests again, in order to get the final judgment result, and then make a proper decision.

during pregnancy, expectant mothers need to do a total of 13 pregnancy tests. The first pregnancy test should be done at 12 weeks of gestation, and then every 4 weeks in the second trimester. In the second trimester, that is, the 28th week of gestation, they need to do a test every week.

during the examination, if the pregnant mother finds that she is unwell or the fetus is abnormal, she must ask the doctor about the examination results in detail, and then ask if the doctor needs to go to other places for relevant examination. Don’t make the final decision because of the examination results.

Nowadays, many women pursue their body excessively, so that they hope to get perfect body during pregnancy. So it is inevitable that they also hope that their body will not be overweight during pregnancy, and they will lose weight quietly, so as to avoid serious body loss after giving birth to their baby.

but in fact, it is the most taboo to lose weight during pregnancy, especially in the way of diet or partial diet, because it is easy to cause the fetus not to get enough nutrition and affect development.

if the pregnant mother doesn’t worry about her figure during pregnancy, it’s better to make appropriate diet adjustment in advance during pregnancy, so as to maintain her figure under the condition of ensuring the nutrition of the fetus, so as to better protect the development of the fetus and the figure of the mother to be.

every expectant mother is excited and nervous during pregnancy, and hopes to get a healthy and lovely baby, so she will feel nervous when she suddenly hears a voice saying that her baby has problems. However, mothers should also stabilize their hearts, because at this time, the baby only depends on the expectant mother, so they have to be happy So mothers to be must calm down and make the best choice. CUISINE&HEALTH