Pregnant mother common three bad habits, easy to cause fetal treasure breathing difficulties, timely correction is very important

This is not true. My friend Miao Miao has encountered this problem. It’s not her baby’s umbilical cord around the neck, but her cousin’s Taibao’s umbilical cord around the neck. My cousin’s baby is three months older than her baby. The pre birth examination is very smooth, and there is no problem. The fetal movement is quite normal. Can be found in a prenatal examination, fetal umbilical cord around the neck, fetal movement frequency is also slightly abnormal. This can frighten my cousin, for fear that there will be any problems when the fetus is born. < p > < p > my cousin is very self reproachful. It’s very good in the early days of Ming Dynasty. Why didn’t it take so long? What should I do when I was born? This kind of anxiety also affects Miao Miao. He is not only worried about his cousin, but also afraid that his Taibao will encounter such problems. When I saw her like this, I comforted her. The more worried I was, the easier it was to fall into the trap of Murphy’s law. The more worried I was about something, the more likely it would happen. < / P > < p > in this way, it is better for the pregnant mother to calm down, change the following bad habits that easily lead to fetal dyspnea and easy to wrap the neck, and reduce the probability of umbilical cord around the neck. < p > < p > nowadays, the slogan of young people is not to stay up late. Every night I stay up until tomorrow, after 12 o’clock. Even after pregnancy, this bad habit can not be changed. Because they think that Taibao sleeps all day long. If he stays up a little longer, he will not be affected. Little do you know, pregnant mother stay up late harm is big? < p > < p > when the pregnant mother stays up late, the nerves are in a more excited state. At this time, Taibao’s perception will also be more active. When he gets excited, he jumps around. At this time, it’s easy to play with the umbilical cord and put it around your neck. Moreover, staying up late is also a kind of loss to the mother. If you are pregnant, you need to rest. Staying up late will increase the fatigue of pregnant mothers. Therefore, for the sake of Taibao, pregnant mothers have to change their bad habit of staying up late. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, due to the influence of hormones and body, pregnant mothers’ emotional fluctuation is relatively large, and it is easy to get angry. Anger is small, but once angry, the breath also becomes short, sometimes even has the feeling that cannot breathe. This behavior can easily lead to fetal hypoxia or respiratory obstruction in the abdomen, which will lead to fetal disorderly movement in the abdomen and increase the probability of around the neck. < p > < p > therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their own mood to avoid excessive emotional fluctuations. When shortness of breath, we must know how to adjust ourselves and quickly return to normal. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers like to sleep according to their previous habits, just as some pregnant mothers sleep on their back, but can’t sleep on their side. If in the early pregnancy, the fetus is still relatively small, it will not have much impact. But if in the second and later stages of pregnancy, when the fetus is relatively large, it is easy to cause fetal dyspnea. HEALTHY LIFE