Pregnant mother don’t look down on prenatal education during pregnancy, it’s really important, choosing the right method will have unexpected effect!

In today’s society, more and more people begin to pay attention to fetal education, and some pregnant mothers will apply for some fetal education classes specially for the education of their babies. But there are also some pregnant mothers think fetal education is useless, the baby can not hear, so fetal education really useful? Let’s get to know it first!

in fact, prenatal education is very important for the fetus. And generally speaking, in the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetal baby’s middle ear development has been completed, the fetal baby in the mother’s stomach can not only hear the mother’s blood flow sound, but also hear some sounds from the outside world. Therefore, for the fetus, in the second trimester is the best period of fetal education.

1: Generally speaking, the fastest period of fetal hearing development is from the second trimester to the third trimester. In this period, the fetal baby will be more sensitive to language and will form memory in the brain. So at this time, the expectant mother and her family can often talk to the baby, and the baby will have a memory of these languages. When the baby hears these words, in fact, the sense of security will be enhanced and she will feel very happy. In addition, the expectant mother and the expectant father can give the fetus a nice nickname, and then call the fetus with every gentle voice every day.

2: after 6 months of gestation, the development of hearing is very mature, so during this period, the expectant mother can listen to some music for the baby, so as to stimulate the hearing organs of the baby, and it is also conducive to the future development of the baby. In addition to listening to music for the baby, expectant mothers can also sing to the baby.

3: sunlight can also promote the development of fetus and baby. Expectant mothers can choose a fixed time to shine with a flashlight close to the belly, so as to stimulate the baby’s reflection of light. And this way can also effectively cultivate the habit of waking up during the day and sleeping at night, so mothers to be can try to choose in the morning and evening every day for prenatal education.

4: touching fetal education is also a type of fetal education, which mainly promotes the development of the fetus through tactile stimulation. Pregnant mothers can start from the fifth month of pregnancy. Every night, they can first find a comfortable posture, then gently touch their abdomen with both hands, and talk with the baby while touching.

in addition, during pregnancy, expectant mothers should also pay attention to their emotions, because the negative emotions of expectant mothers have a great impact on the fetus and baby. Therefore, as expectant fathers, they must give expectant mothers enough care. Of course, in addition, expectant mothers should learn to self-regulation, so as to promote the healthy development of the fetus and baby. Focus