Pregnant mother has these four characteristics. Congratulations, you may have a “Little Prince”

It seems that it is an eternal topic to discuss whether a pregnant baby is a boy or a girl. In the new era, it is advocated that “boys and girls are as good as girls”. The hospital also explicitly forbids telling the baby’s gender, so that the expectant parents do not have psychological burden. However, many people still have the concept of “son preference”. With the popularity of the two child policy, many families without sons want to pass the two child policy Make up for this regret. < / P > < p > some parents will use various methods to inquire about the gender of their children, and it is very unwise to have miscarriage if they do not want to. Pregnant mother pregnant very hard, pregnant four or five months to see the baby’s gender, if this time decided to abortion, will cause great harm to the body, the unborn baby is also very cruel, so help mother here to advise you if there is no special circumstances, no matter boys or girls do not abortion. < / P > < p > in fact, many small details of life can judge whether the pregnant woman is a man or a woman. If there are these four characteristics during pregnancy, Congratulations, you may have a “Little Prince”. < / P > < p > when pregnant mother is pregnant for three months, she can see slight pregnant belly bulge. As the pregnancy time gets longer and longer, the pregnant belly becomes more obvious. Careful people can find that different people have different shapes of pregnant belly. There are some questions about this. During pregnancy, if the pregnant mother’s belly is sharp, and there is almost no fat on the waist, the probability of having a male baby is greater. If the pregnant mother’s belly is round, it may be a female baby. < / P > < p > pregnancy can be said to be a “disaster” for women. During this period, not only the body will deform, but also there will be risks during childbirth. It is precisely because there are great physical changes during this period that people can judge the gender of the fetus according to these changes. If the skin condition of the pregnant mother is getting better and better during pregnancy, it means that the pregnant woman may be a girl, on the contrary, If the skin is getting rougher and darker, it means that the pregnant rate is probably a boy. < / P > < p > pregnancy reaction is something every pregnant woman has to experience, but it also varies from person to person. Some people have very serious pregnancy reaction, while others have almost no pregnancy reaction. In fact, it is not only related to their own physical fitness, but also related to the gender of their own baby. If they are pregnant with a male baby, the pregnancy reaction is very large. If they are pregnant with a female baby, the pregnancy reaction is relatively large It’s a little bit smaller, and there’s almost no pregnancy response. < / P > < p > as the saying goes, “sour children and spicy women”, in fact, it is not unreasonable. During pregnancy, if the pregnant mother does not like spicy food before, suddenly becomes fond of spicy food, and is very reluctant to move, then the big probability is that the baby is a girl. On the contrary, if the pregnant mother likes sour food very much during this period, and also likes sports, then there is a big probability of having a boy. < / P > < p > now the technology is very developed, there are many small details in life can roughly see whether the pregnant mother is pregnant with a boy or a girl. Although these small details help to roughly determine the baby’s gender, they lack accuracy, so pregnant mothers can only be used as a reference, not all believed. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE