Pregnant mother in these two months weight gain fast, the fetus is growing rapidly, timely supplement nutrition development is better

Many pregnant mothers will gain weight after pregnancy, but the rate of increase is not always constant. It may suddenly increase in a certain or two time periods. In fact, this is also the “fierce long-term” of the fetus in the abdomen. It is necessary to pay attention to supplement enough nutrition for the baby. < p > < p > < p > fortunately, when she went back to her hometown for the Spring Festival, she suddenly found that her neighbor Fangfang had become a completely different person after she was pregnant. She was a slim girl with only 90 kg. Now she looks like a full 150 kg. Besides her big belly, she has become fat and her face is full of flesh. Fangfang said that she was also distressed. She didn’t think she was easy to gain weight, and her weight should not change too much after pregnancy. She did not gain much weight in the first three months of her pregnancy. However, after a while, her weight soared like a rocket. She grew to 120 Jin in about 6 months of pregnancy. Now she is about to give birth and gain a lot of weight. Fangfang, who is very strict with her figure, can’t stand the fact that she is getting fatter and fatter. She decides to control her diet and eat only a little each meal. Her mother-in-law is afraid that she can’t keep up with her nutrition, so she doesn’t listen to her advice. < / P > < p > when she went to the hospital for obstetric examination, the doctor said that the fetus in her stomach had some dysplasia, and asked her to pay more attention to nutrition supplement. Fangfang was very depressed. She clearly put on so much weight. Why can’t the nutrition of the fetus keep up with it? < / P > < p > the doctor seriously told Fangfang that some pregnant women had no obvious weight gain in the first trimester of pregnancy, but they would suddenly gain weight at some stage in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Even if they control their diet or exercise, they would not improve much. < / P > < p > because they are in the critical period of bone growth and weight gain in their stomachs, they need to supplement more nutrition. Therefore, pregnant mothers will often feel hungry, increase their appetite, and their weight will rise sharply. If they diet blindly, it may affect the growth and development of the fetus. < / P > < p > this is the second trimester of pregnancy. The early pregnancy reaction of the pregnant mother has gradually disappeared and her appetite has become better. Her appetite has increased significantly. From time to time, she feels hungry. If she eats too much, her weight will naturally soar. < / P > < p > and generally at this time, the pregnant mother’s stomach begins to show pregnancy, and the hormone secretion in the body increases, which may cause fat thickening in the buttocks, thighs and other parts of the pregnant woman. < / P > < p > at this stage, the fetus enters the period of rapid growth and development, and the weight will increase by about 90g per week, and need to absorb more nutrition. Therefore, even if the pregnant mother controls the diet, the weight gain will not decrease. < p > < p > generally speaking, after 28 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus increases by more than 200g per week. Due to the rapid weight increase of the fetus itself, the pregnant mother’s stomach will become larger and larger, and the weight gain will be more obvious. < p > < p > about 7-8 months of gestation, the fetal brain development is at a critical stage, and reaches the peak, so more nutrients must be taken in. Therefore, the appetite of pregnant mothers is significantly improved, and the amount of meals per meal and daily meal will increase, and the body fat layer will be increasingly rich. < / P > < p > after 32 weeks of gestation, the fetus has entered the basin to prepare for delivery, and the pressure on the stomach from the uterine cavity is relieved to some extent. The appetite of the pregnant mother will become better and better, and the weight is likely to increase. < p > < p > therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the weight of the fetus every time they go to the hospital for obstetric examination. Sometimes the weight of pregnant mothers increases greatly, but the development of the fetus is not ideal. Generally, doctors will estimate the weight of the fetus according to the biparietal diameter and abdominal circumference of the baby on B-ultrasound, so as to put forward reasonable diet suggestions for pregnant mothers. < p > < p > for the period when the fetus is growing rapidly, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to their own diet, do a good job in structural adjustment in time, and try to meet the needs of baby development and nutrition. < / P > < p > the rapid growth of fetal bone needs a large amount of calcium supplement. Pregnant mothers need to eat more food with high calcium content, which can increase the intake of milk, bean products, green leafy vegetables, etc., and need to supplement 1500 ml of calcium every day to meet the growth needs of the baby. The third trimester of pregnancy is the peak period of fetal brain development. Eating more nuts can effectively promote the brain development of children. Pregnant mothers can eat walnut, almond and pistachio, but they should control the amount and not eat more. < p > < p > because the weight of pregnant mothers will rise rapidly when the fetus grows rapidly, some pregnant mothers will deliberately go on a diet because they are afraid that their babies will grow too big and they will become fat seriously. However, there is no effect. < p > < p > and blind dieting may also lead to fetal hypoplasia and low weight. In order to ensure the normal growth of the baby, we should control the diet under the guidance of doctors. < / P > < p > in addition to timely nutrition supplement, it is also necessary for pregnant women to take proper exercise during pregnancy. However, it is necessary to pay attention not to exercise violently or excessively. Walking after meals, aerobic yoga and pregnant women’s gymnastics can be used to relieve the rapid weight growth of pregnant women and reduce the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension and other diseases. < / P > < p > maybe some pregnant mothers are born with difficulty in gaining weight, while others, like Fangfang in the case, began to grow rapidly in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. However, if they are in the period of fetal growth, they need to adjust their diet structure in time. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this